Meeting friends, unpacking board games, having fun: planning an entertaining evening can be that easy. Games are no longer only played in the virtual world, board game enthusiasts are increasingly joining forces to indulge in a shared hobby.

So that the introduction to the board game genre remains fun and leads to frustration due to the extensive rules of some board games, the following article presents three entertaining board games for beginners.

Mouse and mysticism

The cooperative family game “Maus und Mystik” from the Heidelberger Spieleverlag is particularly suitable for beginners who have little experience with board games. 1 to 4 players will be royally entertained for around 75 minutes in this board game. "Maus und Mystik" is essentially about classic fantasy adventures. The game principle is similar to a dungeon crawler, a game in which exploring dungeons and defeating monsters are in the foreground. The players slip into the roles of mice, who are nothing more than transformed heroes, and try to escape from a dungeon.

The game material has been made with great attention to detail and it is obviously fun to watch the mice doing their thing on the game board. The easily comprehensible rules of the game offer a successful introduction to the world of cooperative dungeon crawler board games. The special thing about "Maus und Mystik" is the wonderful story that is hidden behind the game. Fun for the whole family and board game beginners at the same time.

step by step

Another good game for beginners is “Zug um Zug”, the game of the year 2004. This award is an indication of the high quality of the board game by Alan R. Moon. The background of the game is a bet made by a group of friends, in which the aim is to travel to as many cities in North America as possible by train. The players slip into the roles of train travelers and set out to discover the world. The game of skill invites beginners to puzzle and think, because only clever use of the train routes leads to victory. The variants of “Zug um Zug”, which instead of North America, for example, focus on Europe or Germany as locations, also ensure fun.

Talisman - The Magical Search

The new edition of the adventure game Talisman has been completely redesigned. The fourth edition combines all the advantages of the previous versions and makes players want to go on extensive treasure hunts and adventurers. In the role of a hero, the board player goes in search of the legendary crown of rule. There are different roles to choose from. Proud 14 character roles prevent boredom and motivate you to always play new games. With Talisman, beginners get an adventurous complete package that gently introduces them to the art of board game without overwhelming them. The revised version is also a visual highlight. Detailed plastic figures and pretty illustrations make Talisman the ideal game for beginners. 2 to 6 players are entertained at the highest level for around 90 minutes and pay well under 40 euros for the board game.