Crowdfunding is becoming more and more important in the board game industry. The ideas that publishers, self-publishers or authors want to realize via crowdfunding range from small indie projects to top titles. We regularly present current projects from the game company and from Kickstarter on Mondays - always alternating.

On Kickstarter, the most supported project with almost 220.000 supporters is the card game Exploding Kittens. Under the five mostly funded projects find yourself with Frosthaven and Kingdom Death Monster two board game projects.

The Spieleschmiede is a German crowdfunding platform from the game offensive, in which German localization of board games in particular can be supported. The Spieleschmiede has financed almost 300 projects to date and raised almost 4,5 million euros in support. Currently, game fans can use the game forge support five projects:

Rurik: stone and blade

After the basic game Rurik: Kampf um Kiev was financed after the kick starter campaign in the game forge. Last year the project was realized by over 200 supporters with almost 20.000 euros. The expansion Rurik: Stone & Blade is currently running on Kickstarter together with a reprint of the basic game. The publishers Giant Roc and PieceKeeper Games are now also bringing the expansion to the Spieleschmiede.

Are you facing the battle for Kiev? Image rights: Piecekeeper Games

 Rurik: Kampf um Kiev is a euro game for one to four players, ages 13+. The expansion adds more asymmetry, new buildings and additional challenges to the base game. All improvement goals that are achieved in the Kickstarter campaign will also be included in the German edition. The stone and sound expansion costs 39 euros. Together with the basic game you have to pay 105 euros. You also have the option of ordering a play mat, coins, special dice and other Giant Roc games separately.

If you want to throw yourself into the battle for Kiev, you still have 24 days. The project has already exceeded the funding amount of 7.500. The extension is to be delivered in October 2021.

The little ones 3, part 1

One or two games are not enough for us. Spieletrieb Verlag must have thought that. Instead, you can support three small card games in this campaign. In Ice Barrier for exactly three players, you are a small group of cavemen, divided into three camps. In the garden party, 2 to 4 players have the task of hanging up the most beautiful fairy lights for your garden party. The Bremen Town Musicians were actually the first professional gang of gangsters - at least according to the game Die Bremer for 2 to 4 players.

Garden party, Neanderthals or Bremen town musicians - the choice is yours. Image rights: Spieltrieb Verlag

Garden party, Neanderthals or Bremen town musicians - the choice is yours. Image rights: Spieltrieb Verlag

The campaign offers you a huge range of support options. For two euros there are print and play versions of the individual games, for five euros you get the games with PDF instructions and for eight euros with printed instructions. All three fully printed games together cost 19 euros. Currently just under 3.000 of 4.5000 euros have been contributed to the project. The campaign will run for another three days and should then be delivered in November.

The little ones could use some start-up help: Although the financing is still running for three days, the project will probably not be completed successfully. The financing level is currently 68 percent. 3.000 players have made almost 93 euros; 4.500 euros would be required.

dream cruise

If you don't just want to go on vacation on a cruise, you can go to dream cruise take on the role of the captain of your own cruise ship. Your guests should feel comfortable on their vacation.

Ship, ahoy! Image rights: Kobold Spieleverlag

Ship, ahoy! Image rights: Kobold Spieleverlag

To do this, you have to plan excursions and create the on-board program. Pay attention to the wishes of the different vacationers with the route and the preparations. Whoever made the most guests happy at the end of the game wins the Dream Cruise game at the Spieleschmiede for 29 euros without and 41 euros with card sleeves. The campaign will run for another two days and has already been funded.

The Dream Cruise should arrive at your home in December. Kobold Spieleverlag offers its supporters the opportunity to test the game for three weeks after receiving it. If you don't like the game, you can send it back and receive the full funding back.

The financing phase of Dream Cruise shows: The cruise theme is being received. The board game has long since exceeded the targeted 5.000 euros. There are now 455 supporters who have invested a total of around 16.000 euros. The project status is financially at 320 percent.


Maybe you will be the next Sapa Inka. Copyright: Board & Dice

Maybe you will be the next Sapa Inka. Copyright: Board & Dice

Tawantinsuyu is the new game from Dávid Turczi, the author of games like Anachrony, Rome & Roll and Würfelsiedler. The game with the catchy name looks like a highly complex game in the tradition of Teotihuacan and Tekhenu.

One to four players try to impress the sun god the Inca and to increase the honor of the empire. Using cards, the various workers who all have special abilities are placed on the game board. Tawantinsuyu has an Automa Solo mode in which you compete against Axomamma.

The price for Tawantinsuyu is 39 euros. For four euros more you get enough card sleeves. You still have three days to support the project. The funding amount has already been reached and the game should be delivered in December. 

Auch Despite the remaining term of three days, Tawantinsuyu has long been successfully financed. Fans have pumped more than three times the amount planned as the financing target into the project. The total is currently around 26.600 euros.

The perfect moment

Tricky: taking the perfect photo. Image rights: Corax Games

Tricky: taking the perfect photo. Image rights: Corax Games

In the perfect moment, each guest has their own wishes, how he or she would appear in the photo. As a photographer, you have the task of fulfilling all the wishes of the guests if possible and thus taking the most beautiful photo. Combine the background and the decoration skillfully with the guests.

The perfect moment is suitable for two to four (with extension up to six) players aged ten and over. The basic game costs 35 euros. In addition, a five to six player expansion and transparent deluxe figures are available. The project will run for another three days and has already been funded. In addition, several improvement goals have already been achieved. Delivery is planned for November 2020.

The financing phase for the game runs for three more days, but the goal has long been exceeded. Around 24.000 euros flowed into “The Perfect Moment” and thus around 300 percent of the targeted sum.

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