Current board game offers are currently available as part of a toy campaign at the retail chain Müller. Some board games are there at the best price

With a 20 percent discount on toys, Müller is currently attracting visitors to its branches and to shopping in the online shop. Board games and puzzles are sometimes even available at the best prices.

Board games 20 percent cheaper

In view of rising prices, discounts are probably very convenient for some fans. Müller even grants 20 percent on many available and current board games.

The campaign is valid until November 6th, so it runs for a week. Although some manufacturers or product groups are excluded, fans of board games in particular can make one or the other bargain. 

For example, there is currently a board game offering such as HeroQuest for less than 100 euros - a top price for the new edition of the classic. Also on offer are current award winners, such as Cascadia or Living Forest. Trading card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon are also sometimes heavily discounted. Those who like Star Wars board games will also find what they are looking for.

Müller addresses almost all target groups with the discount campaign. The range extends from children's games to board games for families or connoisseurs to expert titles. Even novelties can be found in the offer: for example Assassin's Creed - Brotherhood of Venice, which was only recently published as a German version by Heidelbär Games. As part of the Müller deal, the miniature board game is available for 104 euros. 

Other noteworthy board games at a good price include:

  • Mage Knight Ultimate Edition – $79,96
  • Scythe – 67,19 euros
  • Star Wars Rebellion – 71,96 euros
  • Hydropower – 59,96 euros
  • Dreadful Circus – 23,99 euros
  •  Bloodborne – 71,96 euros
  • Dune - secrets of houses - 23,99 euros

Many titles are cheap as part of the board game special offer, but are not always available at the best price. So it's still worth comparing discounts

Preview Product Rating Price
Avalon Hill HeroQuest The Frozen Terror Adventure Pack, from 14... Avalon Hill HeroQuest The Frozen Terror Adventure Pack, from 14... * Currently no reviews 43,99 EURAmazon Prime

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