This spring, Pegasus Spiele is expanding the successful Pünktchen series with three new children's games. With woof woof moo and what are you doing? A fun memory game for the little ones from 3 years of age appears. Timmy goes on vacation, on the other hand, is an exciting game of skill on the subject of "vacation". Both games in the practical take-away format will be released at the end of April 2019. The third novelty, Fabulantica, is a fairytale memory game for children from 6 years of age that takes place in the fabulous and eponymous world of Fabulantica and is now available in specialist shops. In addition, Langland Lotto is the next game in the new Langland series.

Children's board games of the spring season

The Wau Wau Muh and what are you doing? It is important to keep an overview on a farm full of animals. The day begins and the farming family has to look after their animal roommates. The children should help them with this. Task cards indicate which animal just wants to be fed. The children then try to find the face-down motif tile and feed the corresponding animal with it. If they now make the appropriate animal sound, the children will receive the respective animal card. Whoever collects the most cards at the end wins the game.Wau Wau Muh and what are you doing? is a fun game in which the little ones from 3 years of age playfully train their memory and fine motor skills. Thanks to the small-format box that is cleverly integrated into the play structure Wau Wau Muh and what are you doing? the ideal souvenir game.

And the cute illustrations and the fun getting to know the animals make a game of fun short vacation on the farm for 2-5 players, ages 3+. Timmy and his family want to go on vacation. Before that, Timmy still needs help packing his suitcase without his parents noticing. Because instead of packing, he preferred to play and now all things are scattered around his room.

Highly inviting

The children roll a color die and attach objects to Timmy depending on the color rolled. If they manage to charge the last item for him without anything falling, then they'll win together and Timmy and his family can go on vacation. With Timmy is on vacation appears after Timmy cleans up the second part with little Timmy, in which skills such as color recognition and fine motor skills are encouraged in a playful way. Make the highly challenging character and the shared experience Timmy is on vacation also the perfect take away game for 2-5 players, ages 4+.

With a heart for animals and a lucky hand, the youngest players are with us Langland Lotto precisely. Here the players get two filing boards each with the funny animals from Langland. Each round a tile is turned over from the middle of the table and the player with the matching tableau can take it. Whoever completes his own two Langland animals first, wins the game.

With cute illustrations and an intuitive process Langland Lotto A pleasure for 2-5 animal lovers, ages 3+. The willingness of the players to help is also important fabulous because by a failed magic its inhabitants were spread across the country. Now the children have to help them find each other again. They travel through with the help of animal companions and other magical means of transport fabulous and look for its residents and their friends. But every time a resident is successfully found, the figure moves to a different location. It is therefore important to use little stories to remember who has moved where.fabulous takes young and old friends of fairy tales into a fantastic world full of enchanting illustrations.

The catchy mechanisms promote memory and strategic planning, because 2-5 players, ages 6+, have to carefully consider how they use their travel cards to get to the places where they suspect the fairytale characters they are looking for. The random structure of the game also ensures variety and a high level of replay appeal.

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