On Kickstarter there is more crowdfunding for board games again. Every Tuesday evening, countless new campaigns are launched, including game titles from self-publishers, but also board and card games from well-known publishers. This week, among others, Nova Aetas Renaissance from Ludus Magnus Studio, Midnight Murder Mysteries in the second edition of Multifaced Editions or Bios-Mesofauna from Sierra Madre Games will start.

The main day of the week for the launch of Kickstarter campaigns is Tuesday, but this is not the only day of the week on which authors and publishers approve their game idea for “crowd funding”. Among other things, these 17 campaigns are about to start this week or are already running.

A highlight: Darkest Dungeon from Mythic Games

Various board games, but also card games, dare to step into crowdfunding. One of the highlights this week is Darkest Dungeon, which Mythic Games is launching. The miniatures game is based on the video game of the same name by Red Hook, which was also funded via Kickstarter.

It is a cooperative board game, more precisely: a cooperative dungeon crawler. Players slip into the roles of adventurers and tackle eleven missions over the course of the game. In essence, it's about reaching the “Darkest Dungeon” and defeating a mighty Obermotz there.

Mythic Games' dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon is based on the video game of the same name. Copyright: Mythic Games

Mythic Games' dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon is based on the video game of the same name. Copyright: Mythic Games

These games launch on Kickstarter this week:

  • October 20: Velocity: Vanguard from Precarious Games
  • October 20: Townsfolk Tussle from Panic Roll
  • October 20th: Here be Dragons - Into the Unknown by Todys Design
  • October 20: Annapurna: Leave No Trace Behind by Fiat Lucre
  • October 20: Nova Aetas Renaissance by Ludus Magnus Studio
  • October 20: Midnight Murder Mysteries - 2nd Edition of Multifaces Editions
  • October 20th: Darkest Dungeon by Mythic Games
  • October 20: Bios: Mesofauna from Sierra Madre Games
  • October 20: Treasure Hogs
  • October 20: The Blue Rings Deck
  • October 20: Peacock Block
  • October 20: Elemies
  • October 21: Hegemonia Senki from Studium Mundi
  • October 21: Hoop Godz from Board Game brothas
  • October 21: Freedom Five: A Sentinel Comics Board Game from Arcane Wonders
  • October 22nd: Grand Austria Hotel: Let's Waltz! Expansion and Deluxe Upgrade from Lookout Games
  • October 23: Widget Ridge Emergence from Furious Tree Games

The campaigns run for between 20 and 29 days. Success is already becoming apparent. Over 1.600 supporters have already invested in Townsfolk Tussle. Panic Roll has already significantly exceeded its financing target of around EUR 67.000.