PSC Games and Paradox Interactive cooperate to realize an adaptation of the video game Prison Architect. The board game is to be financed through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

In 2012 the strategic building game Prison Architect entered the alpha phase, three years later the game was published on Steam, among others. The success was enormous - the prison building game is now available for every relevant platform. If PSC Games and Paradox Interactive have their way, board players will soon be able to pass the time as prison guards and architects at the same time. Prison Architect should also be implemented in the analog sector.

Board game about Prison Architect for the "swarm" from May

The board game publisher PSC Games had secretly announced the project at the beginning of March. The video game, which won the BAFTA Award, should also find its way into the playroom at home as a board game. The game author David Turczi (including Kitchen Rush or Anachrony) has his fingers in or on the game. Noralie Lubbers is working with him on the adaptation.

As in the template, the goal for players is to build and manage a prison complex. Different rooms have to be installed, in which the inmates and the staff find space and in which the needs of the prisoners can be taken care of. According to PSC Games, Prison Architect - Cardboard County Penitentiary should be easy to set up and enable a quick start to the game.

Players have to achieve certain goals while also dealing with the other guards when it comes to gaining access to limited resources. In the end, the winner is whoever was able to meet most of his chosen goals.

Paradox Interactive only acquired the rights to the video game from Introversion Software in 2019. The building game is a worldwide success: just one year after its release, the sales mark of two million units was exceeded. Revenue at the time was around $ 25 million.

The user reviews of Prison Architect are exclusively positive, with Metacritic the video game is at 83 percent.

PSC Games plans to start the crowdfunding campaign for the board game implementation of Prison Architect in May. Kickstarter was chosen as the platform for this. The price range and the period for delivery have not yet been announced.

Paradox Interactive is becoming more and more of an issue in the board game world. After implementation of the video games Cities Skylines, Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis are next eligible for a Kickstarter campaign Stellaris on. Prison Architect will follow in May.

Source: PSC Games

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