A Masters of the Universe board game? What every mid-forties dream is likely to lead to a shrug from younger players. He-Man and his friends are still present today, albeit not as massive as in the 80s, when Mattel flooded the toy market with the cool action figures. CMON uses the license and actually wants to bring a board game to Masters of the Universe on the market: the launch of a corresponding crwodfunding campaign via Kickstarter is planned for the coming year.

“By the power of Grayskull - I have the strength!”, Prince Adam calls to heaven and then becomes that iconic 80s hero who is even likely to outshine Conan the barbarians. He-Man - the name of the blond warrior with the rudimentary chest armor - is returning, not for the first time. CMON plans to implement a board game based on the “Masters of the Universe” license.

Hey-you can't help it, neither does Skeletor

Masters who? If you can't do anything with He-Man and Co.: Here is a brief summary of what it's all about. The superhumanly muscular He-Man was believed to be the toy hero of the 1980s and Mattel's first action figure. The genre into which the Masters of the Universe fall is not clear. Mattel had mixed several elements and created a new, separate universe out of them. It's essentially about science fiction and fantasy, but also about the military. For around five years, the new action figures generated strong sales figures, then sales collapsed. In 1987 it was over with He-Man, Man-at-Arms, Gwildor and the like. The Transformers contributed to the end of this era. 

Because the Masters and the Universe are still seen as one of Mattel's great successes, the toy giant tried to restart the brand in the early 2000s - but it failed. Now MotU figures are coveted collectibles, He-Man is still present as a marginal phenomenon. Among other things, the comic series is still shown today, as a classic format from the 80s and as a modern variant under the title Masters of the Universe: Revelation - incidentally, as a real continuation of the original and implemented by Netflix, with the participation of Mark Hamill, the will lend his voice to the villain Skeletor. In addition, there should be an additional series reboot. 

Showrunner Kevin Smith presented the project in a panel at Power-Con 2019: 


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And this is exactly where the circle closes. Rumor has it that Mattel plans to release a new movie, comic book series and toys in addition to the Netflix double pack. The latter should appear in autumn 2020. CMON could therefore not have chosen the time for the Masters of the Universe board game by chance. A major revival of the license, involving multiple actors, may be planned.  

According to what is known so far, the board game for Masters of the Universe sticks closely to the template. The popular characters are supposed to appear, many of them as miniatures. What is typical of CMON's projects will benefit He-Man and his friends: the iconic Helen and Villains will return to the gaming table as detailed miniatures.

The characters known from the original should also find their way into the board game of Masters of the Universe. Image: CMON / Mattel

The characters known from the original should also find their way into the board game of Masters of the Universe. Image rights: CMON / Mattel

It is not yet known in which style the figures are processed. Presumably, however, CMON won't be in the chibby style of one Marvel United to ensure that the characters are recognizable and to stay in line with Mattel's brand - but these are our assumptions, nothing is certain so far. However, a hint could result directly from the game description: CMON is planning “highly detailed miniature figures” for the board game for Masters of the Universe, but the Marvel offshoot was not explicitly communicated. 

Michael Shinall and Leo Almeida, who have already implemented games such as Bloodborne and Game of Thrones, are responsible for the board game. CMON announces a “new game system” that will use the familiar setting of the Masters of the Universe. Shinall sees the licensed board game as an opportunity to bring the new generation of gamers and their parents together. 

The board game will appear in North America, South America and Asia, assuming a successful kickstart. Fans in Europe look into the tube. Nevertheless, Masters of the Universe: The Board Game should also be available in this country through some retailers, albeit not in a localized version.

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