A Dragon Ball Z miniatures game on Kickstarter? And then also as a finished product? Fans from Europe and the USA would have jumped in the air for joy, but the new board game from Kids Logic will initially only appear in Asia for licensing reasons. A quiet Kamehameha for the fact that the title might eventually make its way onto the western toy market.

The miniatures game Dragon Ball Z: Smash Battles is discontinued on Kickstarter as a finished product. Fans can basically buy the Arena-Battler if they are not from the USA or Europe - the new Dragon Ball Z board game will not be sent there. Because this information is somewhat hidden at the end of the campaign and not in bold at the beginning, some users are already demanding their money back.

The Dragon Ball Z miniatures game is cool anyway

Even if the board game will not be officially available in this country for the time being, the idea is pretty cool for fans: With eight miniatures already painted, players in Dragon Ball Z - Smash Battle: The Miniature Game can compete against each other in the arena.  

The board game is primarily aimed at beginners, but is also suitable for advanced players. Behind the miniature game with the somewhat bulky name is a classic, entertaining game concept that, according to the manufacturer, Kids Logic, is reminiscent of superhero tabletops. Step by step, 2 to 4 players move their fighters (heroes and villains from the Dragon Ball universe) through the arena using skills. 

Painted and detailed miniatures should come with the game. Photo: Kids Logic

Painted and detailed miniatures should come with the game. Photo: Kids Logic

Dragon Ball Z - Smash Battle: The Miniature Game is not a pure 1-on-1 board game, but relies on several modes, in which team battles are also possible. Strategic decisions based on the composition of the teams should have an impact here. The combination is not completely arbitrary: Dragon Ball Z - Smash Battle is based on similar arena games and uses a points system. Heroes and villains have individual point values ​​based on their fighting strength, which may not exceed a total of 20. Once the teams are in place, we can start.

The actual action phase is preceded by an event, represented by a deck of event cards, which on the one hand represent the scenario of the current round, but also influence the characters. There will be more than 50 events - also thanks to various “stretch goals”. Then the players must determine the order of action in which their fighters take action. 

The "all-round carefree package" costs just under 190 US dollars. Image: Kids Logic

The “all-round carefree package” costs just under 190 US dollars. Image: Kids Logic

The highlight: Dragon Ball Z - Smash Battle: The Miniature Game works with app support; at least if the corresponding stretch goal is achieved. The app should speed up the game and be linked directly to the game board through augmented reality features. The Dragon Ball Z board game is aimed primarily at fans. In terms of play, the title will probably be rather shallow, but action-packed. 

Around 28.000 euros have already flowed into the Kickstarter campaign. Of course, there is no funding goal - after all, the game is already finished. The proceeds are used by Kids Logic solely to start production costs. That way you can Kickstarter as a company Of course, also use it - whether that is in the sense of crowdfunding is another matter. 

Confusing: Depending on the selected pledge level, European countries can be selected for shipping. For licensing reasons, the players will not be shipped to Europe or the USA.

The cost of the Dragon Ball Z - Smash Battle: The Miniature Game is between around 80 US dollars for the basic set and 190 US dollars for the deluxe package. The board game for Dragon Ball Z is due to hit the market in December 2020.

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