The board game Root has already been successfully adapted for the PC, and mobile versions for the iOS and Android operating systems are now to follow. The complex strategy game, in which animal fractions are the focus, relies on an asymmetrical concept in which players pursue different goals. The release of Root Digital for smartphones and tablets is planned for September 24th. 

The board game Root is as a PC adaptation already available for one to four players. Starting next week, mobile players will also be able to slip into the roles of the forest factions and pursue their own individual game goals. As in the board game, there are four groups to choose from: The Marquise de Cat, the Woodland Alliance, the Eyrie Dynasty and the Vagabond.

Asymmetrical board game for the smartphone

The digital version by Root implements the game concept and style almost unchanged, but at the same time makes use of the advantages that computer games offer. For example, the meeples of the individual factions are animated and artfully, but clearly set in scene. Another advantage of digital adaptation: Root can be played online. There is also a local multiplayer mode and a solo version against artificial intelligence.

The style of the digital version is recognizable. Image rights: Dire Wolf

The style of the digital version is recognizable. Image rights: Dire Wolf

The author of the game is Cole Wehrle, the creator behind Pax Pamir or Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile. With his concept, Root is one of the best representatives of the genre of modern times. There is now even a real tabletop RPG for Root, which was financed through Kickstarter. Dire Wolf, the studio that also developed the adaptation of Robbers of the North Sea, is responsible for the implementation of the digital version. Klong! Developer Dire Wolf is also working on a deck building game based on the remake of Frank Herbert's novel series: Dune imperium.

Root digital in the mobile version will be released for iOS and Android on September 24th. Cross-platform gaming should then also be made possible so that fans of the PC version can compete against mobile players, among other things.

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