In the year of the tenth anniversary there is natural some news at Tierra del Fuego - including something new for the game, which was the publisher's first. 

In the north German publishing house, the program grows by two to three games per year. A novelty has now been announced. There is also news about well-known games from the diverse publishing program.

Terra Mystica: Automa Solo Box and Big Box

After many postponements, the game that has helped to establish the company's success and existence is now finally being replenished. From mid-March the new Big Box and Automa Solo Box will be available for Terra Mystica. The solo mode was developed by Automa Factory, which already developed the solo mode for Gaia Project, Scythe and many other games. Solo mode is compatible with both expansions Fire & ice as well as The dealers. In total you can compete against 10 different Automa races in 5 levels of difficulty. Also included is a variant for the game with 2 players and Automa.

Two new editions are announced for Arche Nova. At the end of March and at the end of May/beginning of June there will be supplies for the game that recently made the top 100 on BoardGameGeek.

Libertalia - On the Winds of Galecrest

The revised and expanded version of Libertalia by Stonemaier Games will be available in stores in the German version from May. With your crew of air pirates you try to get as much loot as possible during different journeys. Each day (round) you send one of your choice of crew members to an island to collect loot. Libertalia is a game for 1-6 players aged 14 and over with a playing time of 45 to 60 minutes.

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