If you wanted to describe the game Clockworker, which will be released in German by Asmodee at the end of the third quarter, in two words, you would certainly choose Wall-E and Steampunk. The game's story is very reminiscent of the cute Pixar character. The aesthetics can be assigned more to steampunk.  

The French edition of the worker placement game clock worker was announced at Sylex-Edition for a long time. Unlike many other titles from the French publisher, the game is now not published in German by HUCH!, but is distributed by Asmodee. The game is now five years old. It was first published in Japan in 2017. 

Clockworker - Fast connoisseur game with robots

Humans left Earth and left their robots on it. So far, so Wall-E. But the task in this worker placement game is not to clean up the earth. Whoever collects the most drive points becomes the leader of the new robot civilization. Restarting the Artifacts of Mankind grants these Drive Points.

A turn in this tableau builder consists of two phases. In the first phase, the topmost robots return from the locations of the person whose turn it is. In this return there are the resources that the robot has collected. 

The second phase is the action phase. One of six possible actions can be carried out here. For example, you can bring another robot back from the top spot of a map and thus get more resources or send any number of robots to a location and fill this location from top to bottom. Players can also purchase new locations, artifacts, or records by paying the appropriate cost. As a last resort, you can take two gears.

The game ends when, after revealing a new record, the end tile is revealed or when a person has twelve location cards in front of them. Whoever has collected the most points from victory point tiles and victory points from artefacts and records wins the game.

The release is planned for the end of the third quarter. The recommended age is 12 and up and the playing time is about 45 minutes. clock worker is a game for 2-4 people.

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