Just Dance 2020 fans can rejoice: Ubisoft is giving all those who call the game their own a free month of “Just Dance Unlimited”. The subscription service gives players access to over 500 additional songs. But the French publisher also has a surprise for everyone who doesn't own Just Dance 2020.

With the “Just Dance 2020” initiatives, Ubisoft wants to get players moving. For all owners of the game, the publisher giant unlocks a free month for the unlimited service with over 500 additional songs. New titles are regularly added to the catalog. With this, especially dance-mad fans should get their money's worth.

Surprises for everyone: Just Dance on Youtube

If you do not own Just Dance 2020, you will not be able to enjoy the free months for Just Dance Unlimited, but Ubisoft has another surprise in the luggage so that there is no boredom on the home “dance floor”: players who do not own the game can the Youtube page from Just Dance visit. There they then have access to playlists to which they can dance.


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Ubisoft wants to "help players to stay active at home" and "no matter whether with or without a game console". From “Just Dance Kids” to “Just Get Fit” and even a “Katy Perry” playlist, there are tons of songs to join in. These playlists will be freely accessible on this channel for the next month.

Just Dance 2020 is available for Nintendo Switch, for Wii, for the PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 computer entertainment systems as well as for Xbox One devices including Xbox One X and for Google Stadia.

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In any case, there is plenty of new content to discover at Just Dance 2020. Just last month Ubisoft ushered in a new theme-based season, Season 2, with “Feel the Power”. The free update gave owners of the dance game, among other things, access to the new online mode of Just Dance: World Dancefloor. Free events not only invite players to join in dancing, but also transform them into superheroes who are strong as a dance force. Boss families then have to be defeated together or tournaments have to be contested.

Also new: from April 23 to May 14, the Power Gala will run with six new songs that can be accessed via the subscription service that is now available free of charge for one month.

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