Publisher 2K Games has officially announced the fourth campaign add-on for Borderlands 3 and has given fans an unveiling trailer right away. “Psychological War and the Fantastic Fustercluck” will be released on September 10th and will then also include a free level cap. Something melancholy resonates, because it will be the last increase in the maximum limit for the foreseeable future.

Borderlands 3 is an insane game in more ways than one. The new campaign add-on “Psycho-War and the fantastic Fustercluck” is no exception and brings wonderfully weird, but above all new, content into the game. This should increase the motivation to start the loot shooter again.

Free level cap for everyone!

This is what “Psychological Warfare and the Fantastic Fustercluck” is about: The genius scientist Patricia Tannis believes that they have all lost their minds through the knowledge of a mystical place which she calls “Kammerhalla”. And the key to unveiling this legendary place lies in the mind of Krieg, the greatest badass among the psychos. Of course, Tannis sends the players on a journey into war's chaotic mind to look for clues.

The official unveiling trailer shows what fans can look forward to with “Psycho-War and the fantastic Fustercluck”:

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The fact is: only if players survive war-distorted inner workings can they get the rewards in Kammerhalla. So you have to help both halves of Krieg's psyche to process his traumatic memories by shooting his inner demons to shreds - while trying not to fall into the madness of war-splintered spiritual landscapes.

What to expect with the fourth campaign add-on in Borderlands 3? At least that:

  • many weird landscapes in a war psyche, in which everything is possible and in which it will be pretty brutal;
  • Exploration tours through a world as war sees it. This also includes how he perceives characters popular with fans such as Maya,
  • dangerous opponents who have to be beaten or shot,
  • Surreal side missions and crew challenges;
  • powerful legendary weapons and equipment,
  • new cosmetic items like vault hunter heads and skins

The campaign add-on “Psychological War and the Fantastic Fustercluck” is included in the Borderlands 3 Season Pass. Therefore: A copy of the base game is required to play.

Nevertheless, all players can look forward to the release of the campaign add-on, because those who do not have a Season Pass will still benefit from the next increase in the level upper limit from September 10th - this is for all players from Borderlands 3 for free. The upper limit increases this time by five levels, so that 65 will be the new maximum level for equipment and player characters. This is not only the most significant increase in the level cap since the start, but also the last planned increase - at least for the foreseeable future.

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