The developers of Borderlands 3 give their fans - and the loot shooter as well - some love just in time for Valentine's Day. The latest episode of the Borderlands Show features a new seasonal event, Heartbreak Day, Guardian Rank options, and other Borderlands 3 updates. 

Gearbox and 2k Games have written a joint love letter to the community. In it, the developers and the publisher thank the loyal fans - and keep current plans for future updates of Borderlands 3 ready. There will be a new seasonal event in the loot shooter, plus an increase in the level cap and “a considerable number of comfort improvements”.

Borderlands 3: Heartache Day is coming

“Heartache Day”, the name of the new seasonal event in Borderlands 3, which players can access for free, is about hearts and of course their shelling. Hearts will soon be floating around opponents all over the Borderlands who are particularly lovesick. Hearts come in different types, and when you shoot them, you have a number of different effects. After “Bloody Harvest” for Halloween So this time - at least at first glance - it's a little more loving.

For example, the damage caused by your own group is increased, opponents change fronts without further ado and fight for a limited time for instead of against you or the hearts explode and leave prey behind. There will be a total of five new rewards, including special skins and legendary weapons that are exclusive to "Heartache Day". 

"Heartache Day": Different hearts trigger different effects. Image: Gearbox

“Heartache Day”: Different hearts trigger different effects. Image: Gearbox

The event can be activated or deactivated in the main menu. "The event starts on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Stadia and PC as soon as the February patch is released on Thursday, February 13th by midnight CET at the latest," announce Gearox and 2K Games. Players then have a week to break hearts. The event ends again on Thursday, February 20th.

In addition, the developers have announced the first increase in the level cap in Borderlands 3. In the future, it goes up to level 53. Players will then be rewarded with three additional skill points with which you can strengthen your existing vault hunter variants or experiment with new additional skills. This increase in the upper level limit comes into play free of charge for everyone, at the same time informing the developers that further increases will also be available free of charge. 

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The information about the updates of Borderlands 3 is much more comprehensive: there is also the True Elimination mode, options for the guardian rank and for events, optimizations for "Fight for Your Life", improvements of Chaos 2.0 expected in March and an echocast Twitch extension for even more interaction between streamers and their viewers. The optimizations in terms of performance and stability seem to be a decorative accessory. 

But that's not all: On Thursday, February 27th, Gearbox also wants to publish new information about the second paid expansion. Then there is a first look at the next add-on and the plans for the future of Borderlands 3.

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