Gearbox's Borderlands 3 hasn't been on the market for so long before the developers are already adding a new in-game event. "Bloody Harvest" is the first themed DLC to be released in October, just in time for the scary Halloween festival. In addition to cool, spooky-looking stuff, ghost enemies, a new final boss, and themed debuffs will also make their way into the Halloween event. 

Dataminers had already discovered the first signs of a special Halloween event. Gearbox has now officially announced that a themed DLC for Borderlands 3 will be released. The developers have already published information about the content, but there is not yet an exact date when the DLC should appear.

Borderlands 3 on Halloween: Special boss appears

Even with Borderlands 3, Gearbox is pursuing the Release long-term plans. The developer is therefore expanding the loot shooter under the motto "Games as a Service" with new content, including various free in-game events.

It starts already in October, then suitable for Halloween with the DLC "Bloody Harvest" (Bloody Harvest). The special event not only lures players with a new map including ghost opponents, but also sends its own boss onto the virtual battlefield. In addition, special rewards, new challenges and other content provide entertaining entertainment in the horror month.

The Halloween DLC for Borderlands 3 creates a scary atmosphere. Image: Gearbox

Captain Haunt: The Halloween DLC creates a scary atmosphere and a cool boss encounter. Image: Gearbox

Spread over the entire galaxy, players encounter all kinds of spooky types of opponents during the event, who then - presumably through a special quest - open up access to an event map. The first screenshots of the DLC give an impression of the expected content and the atmosphere.

The clou on the new map: Enemies that have been eliminated get up again as ghosts and distribute the new terror debuff in the event of direct contact. The consequences: the field of vision is restricted and weapon handling is made more difficult. Players who complete the challenges will encounter Captain Haunt, the boss introduced with the Borderlands 3 DLC. However, the captain is not entirely new. It was already on the road in a modified form during the campaign.

Players can also get new rewards during the Halloween event, including skins and weapons. A new animal companion should not be missing either. To do this, players must first collect enough Hexoplasma currency to feed it to Maurice, a many-eyed dino creature with powerful teeth.

The free Halloween event for Borderlands 3 starts in the scary month of October. The contents of the DLC will then be available to all players who left Pandora for the first time on board the Sanctuary III. It is currently unclear when exactly the Bloody Harvest event will start: Gearbox only mentioned the month of October in the announcement.
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