Giant Roc is currently still looking for support from the game company in order to be able to publish Books of Time in German (as Books of Time).

Books of Time is a mixture of tableau building and engine building for up to four people, where you collect the achievements of mankind and record them in three books. Each of them covers a different subject area: science, industry and trade. If you add a new page from the story bar by filing it in one of the ring binders, you also get the bonus shown on the card directly.

Leafing through books

As you leaf through the books as the game progresses, you use the abilities of the historical figures (such as Albert Einstein and Louis Armstrong) and technologies depicted on the spreads. Since you determine the order of the pages yourself when filing, it is important to achieve particularly strong combinations in order to get resources or to advance on different bars.

In this way, new milestones can be unlocked, again in the three different areas. While you want to collect as many different symbols as possible in the industry book, you need very specific symbols in the science book. In the trading book you need symbols for reaching the milestones even in a prescribed order.

If you are interested in books of the time, you should hurry. The project runs in the Spieleschmiede only until April 18th and still needs support. You can secure your own copy of the game as well as other games (bundles) from Giant Roc.

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