Not long now and the calendar will show the last month of the year. In December there will be some new books coming out on the market. There will be numerous different genres for every taste. Pure excitement!


The Book 606 is about a mass breakout in a maximum security prison that was ingeniously staged. The eruption takes place in central Nevada. 606 of the most dangerous criminals are on the run. These include lunatics, psychopaths and other violent criminals. They spread out in all directions, bringing chaos and terror with them. The largest manhunt in US history begins. There is a fugitive, John Kradle, who by escaping wants to prove his innocence and make it clear that he did not kill his wife and child five years ago. In order for him to succeed, it is important that he is always one step ahead of the law enforcement authorities. A warden at the prison, her name is Celine Osbourne, is hot on his trail. She pursues him for personal reasons as she hates him. It looks like she knows exactly where Kradle wants to go.

A slow fire burning

Donald Sutherland is found dead on a houseboat on Regent's Canal in London. Death occurred by beating. 25-year-old Laura Killbride is quickly identified as a suspect. She was at the scene and left with bloodied hands. The case seems clear, she's the killer. But is the witness who claims to have seen Laura also credible? Her name is Miriam Lewis. She owns a neighboring houseboat and watches over her neighbors. What is amazing is that she has an extremely large number of clues for the investigators. These clues do not point to her, but only incriminate Laura. Besides Laura, there is another suspect.

Until the river thaws

Anouk is a dropout. She turned her cozy apartment into a shack, which is quite run-down and is located in the forests of Kamouraska. She lives far from civilization. A cozy retreat, where you like to spend your time with online games, like Play Book of Ra want to spend and can let your soul dangle. Where she lives now, there is no pollution and no consumerism. She wants to find her roots again. Then she is surprised by a cold snap and is completely cut off from the outside world. What was once supposed to be a romantic ideal now becomes a struggle for survival in the wilderness. The main tasks are now their everyday life. She has to chop wood, clear paths and fetch water. She also writes what she wants to use to fight her fear. Wherever she is she is surrounded by amounts of snow and the animals that live in the forest. Her books help her to get in touch with her deepest longings and desires. Suddenly, the isolation that she chose herself shows up, and it doesn't promise as much loneliness as she had thought.

Burning Anger

A female skeleton was found in Jutland. The woman was shot in the neck. It's been more than seven years now. Maria Just, a police historian, takes up the investigation again. The head of the department, the office for violent crimes in Copenhagen, is run over in time and barely survives. There is a deep crisis in the police force. The mood is heated. During this explosive time, inspector Mikael Dirk is tasked with finding out who was responsible for the attack on his boss and destabilizing the country. Then there is another assassination attempt and Maria offers to help Mikael. Who benefits if the police lose their monopoly on the use of force and what does the dead woman have to do with today's perpetrators?

The Secret of Sandberg

Ulla has to make a decision after her mother died. It's about the sale of the little house on Lake Chiemsee. The decision shouldn't be difficult for her, because at the age of nine her mother left her family. She felt that her mother had abandoned her. Forty years later, that feeling is still there. While Ulla is cleaning up the house she hasn't set foot in since she was a child, she finds something. It seems that before her mother died, she intended to explain to her daughter why she left her at the time. She wanted to tell her what memories had tormented her for the rest of her life. She had to make a choice when she was a young woman. She has regretted this decision all her life and could not forgive herself for what she did. As the daughter learns more about her mother's life, she becomes more concerned and wonders what her mother's death really means.

The beach

Lilli Sternberg is 19 years old and deaf. On the way to the beach, she suddenly disappears without a trace. An exciting one Book with lots of background information. Tom Engelhardt, the detective superintendent, takes over the management of the police. The entire area to which the beach belongs, the town of Sellnitz and the hinterland are searched. Lilli's grandparents live in Sellnitz. She is not found. A cellphone message she sent to her friend is the only lead. There's a lot of guesswork, a lot of thrill and a lot of suspense in this book.