Gamers are spoiled for choice when it comes to gambling online. The market now resembles a gigantic jungle of providers, which has resulted in heated competition between the various platforms over the past few years. From today's perspective, it can be concluded that supply has overtaken demand. That is not bad per se - on the contrary. Due to the oversupply, gamers can enjoy numerous advantages. Probably the most important advantage are the bonuses that are part of the inventory at almost every online casino. They have different shapes and a different scope.

Does the best online casino bonus even exist?

This question should by no means be given a general answer, as the abundance of different bonuses in the respective online casinos is very broad. The individual programs Although the same with the different providers, how high the bonuses ultimately turn out to be, to whom they apply and what conditions they are linked to, varies greatly. Accordingly, it is almost impossible to name exactly the best online casino bonus. Nevertheless, it can be worthwhile to get an overview of the structure of the offers. This current overview shows which online casinos lure with very good bonuses.

The following list provides a little foretaste:

  • platinum offers players 20 free spins without a deposit as well as 100 percent as a welcome bonus on the first deposit (up to 250 euros) and 100 free spins.
  • Netbet grants 20 free spins without a deposit and 100 percent as a welcome bonus (up to 200 euros). In addition, there are 500 free spins.
  • spinning lucky entices in addition to 50 free spins with a deposit bonus of 100 percent (up to 100 euros).
  • Videoslots comes without any conditions and offers a welcome bonus of 100 percent (up to 200 euros) and eleven free spins.

Keep your eyes open when registering!

The topic of online casino bonuses must enjoy a high priority for online gamblers, as the offers sometimes provide both financial and gaming added value that should not be underestimated. In order not to miss this added value under any circumstances, it is essential to deal with the bonus programs of the respective providers before registering in an online casino.

It is important to note in this context not to be blinded by supposedly generous offers. In the industry, astronomically high bonuses are repeatedly attracted, although the receipt of the promised added value is more like a utopia. This is mostly due to the conditions that come with most bonus programs. In order to get a feeling for whether a certain bonus is worthwhile from a personal point of view, the conditions must be read carefully.

In this way, you can find out very quickly whether the bonuses only apply to certain applications and games. Mostly it is slot machines where the casino bonus is used. It would therefore make sense to invest in the slot with the highest chance of winning. Sometimes free spins also serve as a bonus, which also only apply to certain games.

What does the wagering requirement say?

The bonus conditions are usually listed in the general terms and conditions. For many Internet users, these are a pure waste of time, but especially when looking for the online casino with the best bonuses, the wagering requirements must by no means be circumvented. Because they contain important and valuable information:

  • Maximum amounts for winnings when playing with bonus money
  • Time limit to meet wagering requirements
  • Betting limits
  • How often the amount has to be wagered before the payout
  • Games that count towards the casino bonus and which do not

 Casino No Deposit Bonus - It doesn't get any better than that, right?

No deposit bonuses are particularly high in Online casinos acted. The reasons for its popularity are obvious. Gamers receive play money without being financially active themselves. However, it must be remembered at this point that online casinos do not want to give away any money. After all, it's about profit. For this reason, with casino bonuses that are linked to no deposit, the conditions are particularly tough before a withdrawal can occur. In addition, there are often only a few games available in which the respective bonus or free spins can be used at all.

Despite the tough conditions, the no deposit bonus has its raison d'etre. This is especially true if the bonus can be applied to games or games that appeal to you personally.

Loyalty Bonus & VIP Programs

Many online casinos rely on customer loyalty in order to remain competitive in the industry in the long term. So if you are interested in regularly gambling in a single online casino, you should definitely register with a provider that has loyalty bonuses or VIP programs. These bonus forms reward returning existing customers and provide them with playful and financial advantages at regular intervals.

60 minute bonus

The best online casino bonus could also turn out to be the 60-minute bonus, depending on personal preference. This is particularly suitable for gamblers who are looking for a short gambling interlude. Some casino bonuses have a time limit that usually extends over several days. There is also a special case that is often used in Microgaming casinos: the 60 minute bonus. As the name suggests, the prerequisites for prizes must be met within an hour or the prize must be earned in 60 minutes. Otherwise the bonus fizzles out.

Advantages and disadvantages of an online casino bonus

Casino bonuses are great at first glance, but they also have their pitfalls. This raises the question of whether the various bonus programs should be used at all. As already mentioned at the beginning, the full potential of the bonuses only unfolds with good preparation. The wagering requirements must be read through. In addition, we can only speak of the best online casino bonus if it is tailored to the gaming preferences. If, for example, the advantages apply to applications that you do not come into contact with, the bonus does not bring you much.

The following comparison shows the specific advantages and disadvantages of online casino bonuses:


  • VIP and loyalty benefits
  • Free Spins (Free Spins)
  • More play money
  • Free credit
  • New casinos can be tested


  • Casino bonuses are only valid for a limited time
  • Wagering requirements are partially hidden
  • Profits cannot always be paid out immediately