The board game platform BoardgameGeek and the Asmodee company Gamegenic have announced a partnership. Their purpose: to introduce players to the products of the board game accessory manufacturer. The media used for this is primarily YouTube: The video series “GameNight!” will show items from sleeves to boxes in the future.

The partnership between BoardgameGeek and Gamegenic starts on July 7th. In a special GameNight episode, fans will be introduced to the project. Asmodee and Gamegenic are therefore clearly pushing the tube in marketing and making use of the approximately 137.000 YouTube subscribers of the BGG channel. The show runs there and is regularly watched by tens of thousands of fans.

Accurate advertising for board game accessories

The online platform BoardGameGeek was founded in January 2000 as a resource for the board game community. Thousands of users have contributed to the site in the form of articles, images and player guides for thousands of games. The reason for the collaboration from Asmodee's point of view: "BoardGameGeek is one of the largest online platforms for board games with an immense reach," according to the publisher. “Through the award-winning website, BGG has built a well-informed community of avid gamers. So this partnership will introduce Gamegenic's products to a large group of board game fans”. One thing is clear: advertising gets where it needs to go. For fans of board and card games.

BoardGameGeek aims to give the community an impression of Gamegenic's game accessories. In the
weekly video series “GameNight!” is shown as “the gaming experience through useful accessories that also provide protection
offers to extend the lifespan of games can be increased,” explains Asmodee. “In the show, BGG introduces the benefits of having the optimal size card sleeves or the use of game boxes, thereby offering
valuable information and guidance for gamers”.

Lincoln Damerst, Director of Media at BoardGameGeek, announced: “Gamegenic is a true innovation in the gaming experience. The GameNight! team looks forward to showcasing Gamegenic cases and accessories and serving as a resource for our audience to help protect and enhance the games.”

Adrian Alonso, Managing Director of Gamegenic, says: “We are very excited about this partnership. We are big fans
by GameNight! and firmly believe that players benefit from the coverage, usage and recommendations
of our products will benefit. BGG and Gamegenic share a philosophy of enriching gaming experiences and
that’s why we fit together so well.”


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