Former fantasy flight games writer and creator of Star Wars: Rebellion Corey Konieczka has a new board game in the pipeline. With 3000 Scoundrels, Unexpected Games will launch a western themed competitive engine builder. The game is slated for release in the fall.

Corey Konieczka is behind several high-profile board games, including Star Wars: Rebellion, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Twilight Imperium or Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game. After leaving Fantasy Flight Games, he acts much more independently with the publisher Unexpected Games. 3000 Scoundrels is the third board game.

A handful of cards – thousands of possibilities

After The Initiative and Voices in my Head, the western engine builder 3000 Scoundrels is the third board game in the Unexpected Games portfolio. The board game is described as a competitive engine builder in which two to four players successively develop their strengths and skills. With combinations of different job and skill cards you build your own gang of western characters. Thousands of combinations with different names, graphics and game effects should be possible.

In numbers: Unexpected Games names up to 3.000 different combinations – it should be possible to implement up to 50 per game. The highlight: Some of the cards are transparent, so that they can be placed over other cards as an overlay, just to provide additions. In this way, various properties can be applied to the characters.

The idea of ​​3000 Scoundrels is weird: It's basically set in the world of the Wild West, but the board game has a futuristic-technological twist. The “traveler” left the relevant technologies behind – that’s what it’s all about in the end. Whoever has collected the most wins at the end of the approximately one and a half hour games.

3000 Scoundrels is a mix of engine builder and card drafting, but it is also said to contain bluffing elements to get needed cards. The board game by Unexpected Games is scheduled for release in the fall. The costs are around 50 US dollars.


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