In many places, brick-and-mortar shops are now allowed to receive customers again. Like last year, Pegasus Spiele is celebrating the reopening of stationary specialist retailers with the Welcome Back Sales. End customers can now look forward to offers and promos to go with the board and card games when they visit participating game stores.

After more than five months of lockdown, stationary specialist retailers are now looking forward to customers visiting their shops again in many places. Pegasus Spiele is celebrating this reopening with the Welcome Back Sales specialty trade campaign. As already after the lockdown in spring 2020, numerous specialist retailers are now again offering special offers.

Black Sales: Around 70 board games on offer

In addition to around 70 games from all segments - children, family, connoisseurs, experts and fun - the puzzles from sales partner Cross Cult are also part of the campaign. In addition, customers can look forward to additional promos for many of the action games, such as twelve previously unreleased promo cards for the recently released fun game Doodle Dungeon.

According to Pegasus Spiele, the offers are of course “while stocks last”. The publisher has put together an overview of all participating dealers and a complete list of all promotional products on its website at

In addition to the family game Punktesalat, which was added to the recommendation list for Game of the Year in 2021, the action games also include numerous titles recommended and nominated by the Game of the Year jury from recent years as well as new Pegasus games. Also included are the family games Ghost Adventure, Tiny Towns, Poo Poo Pets and the Kennerspiele Der Kartograph (nominated Kennerspiel des Jahres 2020), Detective (nominated Kennerspiel des Jahres 2019), Talisman - Die magische Suche.

From the area of ​​fun games, in addition to various Munchkin titles, there are also classics such as the party game BAM! Part of the campaign and expert game fans can look forward to highlights such as Underwater Cities (Recommended for Kennerspiel des Jahres 2020), Robinson Crusoe or the Stefan Feld title Bonfire. But there is also something for the youngest from three years of age with children's games such as Timmy im Zoo, Dali the Fox, Honey or Fabulantica (nominated Children's Game of the Year 2019).

“As a special thank you, all customers with a purchase value of 75 euros or more will also receive a free copy of the Game of the Year 2017, Kingdomino, immediately”, Pegasus Spiele announced about the promotion.

Preview Product Rating Price
Pegasus Spiele 51846G - Doodle Dungeon (German edition) Pegasus Spiele 51846G - Doodle Dungeon (German edition) * Currently no reviews 19,89 EUR


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