Uwe Rosenberg brings animals to the gaming table. The author of successful games such as a festival for Odin or Agricola is relying on a zoo for his next project - and not just any one, but the "New York Zoo", the name of the new board game, which is based on laying mechanisms and adapts itself Will judge solo players or rounds of a maximum of five players.

A cool topic has been found for “New York Zoo”, and Uwe Rosenberg will now add a laying mechanism in which players have to find the balance between expanding the zoo enclosure and the animal population. According to the publisher, one to five players from around ten years of age will be entertained for around 30 to 60 minutes.

Colorful and lavishly furnished: 128 animals in one box

The trend of the placement games does not seem to stop. Hardly surprising, since such titles are mostly offered as entry-level games that offer enough freedom for game connoisseurs who are crazy about optimization. “New York Zoo” will also appeal to different types of gamers with its lovely theme - presumably from a purely visual point of view. The board game will contain 127 wooden figures in animal look, not counting the cute wooden elephant, which acts as a token on the action strip. 

The basic concept sounds simple at first: One to four players set up an animal park, taking into account the right balance between expansion and hatching. The aim is to fill your own zoo completely with enclosures and then to put animals in them. The latter not only corresponds to the purpose of the "New York Zoo", but also brings players points - especially when a new milestone is reached in a breeding line.

Players cannot freely choose the puzzle pieces, but they can choose freely: at least between two game plots. Either they take the enclosure tile to fill the zoo landscape with it or they bring an animal into the zoo. Housing animals becomes more and more of a good choice as the game progresses. If space is tight and no suitable enclosures are available, animals can move in to optimize the distribution of points. In addition, there are some differently sized attractions as placement options.
The straight-line placement game is primarily about good timing in selection and display.

The optics fit: If "New York Zoo" can also convince in play, nothing stands in the way of success. Image: Tierra del Fuego Games

The optics fit: If "New York Zoo" can also convince playfully, nothing stands in the way of success. Copyright: Tierra del Fuego Games

The low entry barrier probably speaks in favor of “New York Zoo”. With only two possible game actions per move, the rules should be straightforward. In terms of complexity, Uwe Rosenberg's new board game joins Patchwork or Cottage Garden. Fans should therefore not expect heavyweight “Ein Fest von Odin” (A Festival of Odin), but it will be colorful on the gaming table.

"New York Zoo" will appear in this country at Tierra del Fuego games. Capstone Games also acts as a publishing partner. The board game was shown for the first time at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg. The publication is planned for 2020, there is no exact date yet.

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