Ancient Egypt meets steam punk, and creates an exciting game world that is worth exploring. In the vibe of the twenties, you embark on a mission to discover the secrets of the Pharaoh, but whether you can make it depends entirely on the teamwork.

Four adventurers make their way to Egypt to explore an ancient tomb. Among them are Rebecca Clark, a persistent and obstinate explorer, Frank Gaspard, the group's creative tinkerer, Eléonore Mansard, an enthusiastic professor, and Rhiat Adjib as the leader of the expedition and the only one who knows the desert and its dangers.

But inside the pyramid you will encounter unexpected dangers, treacherous traps and monsters that lie in wait for you in the dark.

Arkeis is a cooperative legacy adventure game and is played in various campaigns. The players slip into the roles of the characters mentioned above and embark on an expedition from the 20s. Elaborately designed miniatures represent characters and monsters and make the game so appealing. Together you move through 3D rooms within the pyramid and change the modular game board again and again.

Inside the pyramid one faces all dangers.

Each player performs two actions per round that will affect the next scenarios. Because it's about getting hold of important equipment and better preparing the explorers for their next challenges. For this you can also upgrade the characteristics of the characters. In the action phases you can choose between a simple movement, searching a room, taking up a fight or supporting a fellow player.

With the help of a logbook and various playing cards you are guided through the campaigns, but whether you can get out of the tomb safely and discover all the secrets is entirely up to the teamwork. Between the campaigns you return to the camp to recharge your batteries. Here you can cope with trauma, and so that you don't forget what has happened in the camp until then, you just stick the corresponding update sticker in the album on the camp site.

The game comes with a logbook and various playing cards.

One to five players can plunge into the adventure. The only thing that clouds the anticipation of the game is that you can only play through the campaign once. The whole thing should last 30 hours of play. And with eight different scenarios, there is also variety. But there should also be a dungeon crawler mode at the suggestion of Kickstarter backers.

Arkeis is from Team Kaedama; Antoine Bauza, Corentin Lebrat, Ludovic Maublanc and Théo Rivière, whose authors develop and design games together. The idea was funded through Kickstarter, here are some more Late pledges possible. The game's authors also developed Draftosaurus. The evaluation at Board Game Geek is currently at 8,1.

Board game box has not yet announced a release date, but lured people with upcoming expansions.

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