Crowdfunding remains an ongoing trend in the board game industry. The projects that publishers and/or authors want to implement through "crowd financing" range from small indie titles to potential bestsellers. We regularly present current projects from the game company and from Kickstarter - always alternating.

Kickstarter has become an indispensable part of the board game segment, and basically the opposite applies: Without board games, the Kickstarter platform would no longer be what it is. The most supported project with almost 220.000 supporters is the card game Exploding Kittens. Under the five mostly funded projects find yourself with Frosthaven and Kingdom Death Monster two board game projects. The crowdfunding platform Spieleschmiede from the game offensive is mainly used for the German-language localization of board games. Almost 300 projects have been financed in the Spieleschmiede so far and almost 4,5 million euros in support have been collected.

Currently, game fans can use the game forge support four projects:

Rurik: stone and blade

Are you facing the battle for Kiev? Image rights: Piecekeeper Games

Are you facing the battle for Kiev? Image rights: Piecekeeper Games

The publishers Giant Roc and PieceKeeper Games bring the expansion stone and blade to the game forge. Rurik: Kampf um Kiev is a euro game for one to four players, ages 13+. The expansion adds more asymmetry, new buildings and additional challenges to the base game.

All improvement goals that are achieved in the Kickstarter campaign will also be included in the German edition. The stone and sound expansion costs 39 euros. Together with the basic game you have to pay 105 euros. You also have the option to order playmats, coins, special dice and other Giant Roc games separately.

If you want to throw yourself into the battle for Kiev, you still have ten days. The project has already exceeded the funding amount of 7.500. The extension is to be delivered in October 2021.


Copyright: Lucky Duck Games

Copyright: Lucky Duck Games

Destinies is a competitive story-driven board game with role-playing elements. One to three players, ages 14 and up, can plunge into the year 120 for 150 to 1315 minutes. destinations can be played as a campaign or in individual scenarios. An app is used to tell the story.

The companion app scans the QR codes on the cards to advance the story. The medieval story is combined with fantasy elements. The basic game costs 49 euros. You also have the opportunity to sponsor the basic game and the Sea of ​​Sand expansion for 79 euros. For 142 euros there are also various extras, such as metal coins, card sleeves and neoprene mats. You also have the option to order many Grimspire games.

Destinies has achieved almost two thirds of its financing target of 32.500. The campaign is still running for 17 days. The publisher Grimspire plans a delivery in April 2021.


How do you react to obscene situations? Image rights: games offensive

How do you react to obscene situations? Image rights: games offensive

Do you think you know your playgroup and know how your fellow players would react to a certain situation? This is where Revelations comes in. It is a cooperative communication game for two to eight people. In each round a situation card is drawn and one of the three situations is read out.

Each player must now place one of their own emotion cards face down in front of them. Now it is a matter of guessing who is associating which emotion with the corresponding situation. If you are correct, there is a point. After eight rounds, the game is over. You can order Revelations for 18 euros. You also have the option of ordering enough card sleeves and other games from Corax Games such as Zona, Mini Rogue or Chronicles of Crime.

You still have 24 days to support the party game Revelations. The funding target has not yet been achieved. If the project is financed, the games should be delivered as early as December this year.

Blacksmith Shirts 2020

Image rights: games offensive

Image rights: games offensive

No game is to be supported in this project. Instead there is an exclusive Spieleschmiede T-shirt. So if you want to wear a red shirt with a Viking, a hammer and a spray can in the background, you've come to the right place. The T-shirt can be ordered for men in sizes S to XXXL and for women in sizes S to XXL.

A t-shirt costs 16 euros and the t-shirts should be delivered as early as November. The financing target was achieved. You still have 23 days to think about whether the T-shirts are for you.

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