Prime Day is approaching: Amazon's mega shopping event will take place on July 12th and 13th. The online group then lures with thousands of offers, which sometimes turn out to be such, but sometimes do not live up to their name. In any case, the fact is: browsing and comparing prices can be worthwhile, even for gamers and game fans. You can expect offers for board games, but also toys.

The sales event of the summer takes place in mid-July. Online shoppers are already looking forward to Amazon Prime Day: for two days, the shop giant will have many offers for which you have to be a Prime customer. Nothing works without the subscription.

Can you also use Amazon Prime for free?

The special offers are then available for around 48 hours - and board games will probably be included again this year. An offer is valid for a maximum of ten hours, often shorter if the number of items is limited and the item is then sold out.

As is well known, all offers on Amazon Prime Day can only be used by subscribers to the Amazon Prime service. There is one innovation this year: for the first time in its history, the Bargain Day does not start on a Monday. Instead, there are deals in 2022 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Technology, electronics and clothes are usually very popular, and there should traditionally be countless offers in these segments. However, it can also be worthwhile for online shoppers who are also interested in the other sales categories in the Amazon online shop: toys, family items and, last but not least, board games can always be found among the deals called up. Is that worth it? Comparing prices is popular.

The day now has many fans around the world. With the Black Friday sell-out day and Cyber ​​Monday, Amazon Prime Day forms the bargain trio of the year. The expectations of online shoppers for real blockbuster offers are correspondingly high. Amazon doesn't always live up to that, but at least it does it often. The group is already giving a foretaste: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 with 5G is available for EUR 699,99 instead of EUR 1.010, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 saves around EUR 500 and gamers already have the Logitech Gaming Mouse G Pro for 89 euros instead of 149 euros or the corresponding Logitech gaming keyboard for 149,99 instead of 229 euros.

With the shopping event, Amazon really seduces its customers every year, because Prime Day is heavily advertised. Amazon isn't stingy with information either – the shopping giant has one especially for Bargain Day subpage in the shop* set up where all categories can be reached, details on by-products can be viewed and numerous deals can be called up directly.

Those who have not yet belonged to the illustrious circle of Prime subscribers can do so. The subscription costs 69 euros per year or 7,99 euros per month, but this includes access to Prime Video and fast shipping, among other things. For some bargain hunters, the one-month subscription to Amazon Prime Day can be worthwhile, because ideally a few hundred euros can be saved, especially with large devices from the entertainment or household sectors. If you order from Amazon without a subscription, you can sometimes test a seven-day prime phase for 99 cents.

This year's Amazon Prime Day is even worse for those who have not yet had a subscription. You can then test "Prime" free of charge for 30 days and keep the subscription after this phase or cancel it at no additional cost. Also as Student* Can save money: Amazon has a discounted Prime subscription for learners. And the rule is: You can share the Prime subscription with family members.

Board games on sale?

Board games will probably also be on offer at Prime Day 2022 - one can predict this relatively accurately from the history of the previous deal days. It remains unclear until the start which titles are actually offered at lower prices. Most are board games from larger German publishers, such as Ravensburger, Schmidt Spiele or Noris. Queen Games is also a firm candidate for Prime Day. The same probably applies to the Austrians at Rudy Games, whose players can often be found in Amazon offers anyway.

Otherwise, you need a bit of luck and patience: Due to the ongoing boom in parlor games, board games that play a lot can also be part of the bargain portfolio. In the past, titles such as Kingdom Builder from Queen Games, Die Burgen von Burgund or Gravitrax from Ravensburger, Exploding Kittens from Asmodee or Ganz schön Clever from Schmidt games were available at lower prices. At past Prime Days, Kosmos also competed with board games for the favor and money of customers: Andor, Cities: Skylins or Game of Thrones - Catan could be found; from Pegasus Games there was The Cartographer. Robinson Crusoe or Empires of the North. Paper Tales by Frosted Games was also there. There is a review of Prime Day two years ago here .

In any case, it is good to see that there is more to the board game offers than just junk on Amazon Prime Day, and that probably also applies to this year. One focus is mostly on family board games, but there are a few top-class multi-player titles among the deals. At the same time, it is a fact that the more unusual the offer is, the faster it will be sold out – usually even before the ten-hour period has expired. Some titles can also be found on Prime Day, which is always on offer throughout the year anyway. For board game fans, however, it should be worth keeping an eye on Amazon's shopping channels.

Despite all the hectic pace of bargain hunting, the following applies on Prime Day: It is best to start shopping with a cool head. Not all of them Board Game Deals are actually which. It is therefore advisable to compare prices. Nevertheless: On average, many items can be shot cheaply. In the end, the best way is to decide for yourself what an item is worth to you and when your "own" price is a bargain - then it doesn't matter whether the same title would have been a euro or two cheaper in another shop . After all, you can still enjoy the added value of the Prime subscription even after Amazon Prime Day 2022.

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