The publisher Gale Force 9 has published a short trailer for the board game for World of Tanks, the release of which is planned for October. The basic box of the miniatures game will be available for around 40 US dollars, and Gale Force 9 is ready to take pre-orders. A further twelve euros are optionally allocated to the four tank expansions. 

From October onwards, World of Tanks tanks will no longer only roll on PC and consoles, but also on the gaming table at home. Gale Force 9 has taken on the implementation of the license and turned it into a strategic miniatures game.

Miniature board game for World of Tanks: Release in October

A short teaser trailer now agrees with the release of the World of Tanks board game in October a. It shows tank action first - then tank action again, but this time with the help of the miniatures.

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The video does not show much of the board game about World of Tanks, but it is only intended to indicate the imminent release period, the period because an exact release date does not seem to have been set yet. The basic box with the four already assembled and painted tanks as well as the extensions, some dice sets and other upgrades - a paint set is also available to give the tanks a personal touch - are already open for preorders.

If you want to know what's in the game box, you can watch another video that Gale Force 9 has published. This is a typical unboxing:

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In terms of play, World of Tanks presumably relies on fast action and an easy entry into the miniature game business. This is not only recognizable, but also from the material that is already ready to play. The title is based on the license of the multiplayer video game from, which was released in 2010 and has been growing steadily since then. World of Tanks is based on a free-2-play concept in which players can play for free, but can optionally spend real money on in-game purchases.

Fans can already find the World of Tanks board game on the Gale Force 9 website Pre-order.

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