With The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the British publisher Modiphius Entertainment has so far put an impressive crowdfunding record on Gamefound: They are currently aiming for the limit of 1.000.000 pounds, which is the equivalent of 1,2 million euros.

The crowdfunding campaign for Modiphius Entertainment is running out The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim successful. The million dollar limit has long been broken, and the publisher is now aiming for this target in British pounds, which would have been converted into 1.200.000 euros for the project on Gamefound. Was the success predictable? We asked Chris Birch, founder and CEO of Modiphius Entertainment.

No fear of failure: "It's Skyrim!"

The board game based on the legendary video game template is now aimed at large groups of players with up to eight participants. All signs point to the continued success of the crowdfunding campaign. One had suspected in advance that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Adventure Game could be so successful, but one could not be sure - after all, a lot can go wrong with licensed games, which are often viewed with particularly critical eyes by fans.

Now it worked out with a great start. Modiphius boss Chris Birch is very happy: "It was amazing to see the passion for Skyrim - we all spent so much time there and there are so many stories that people are now sharing." Even if the hopes for the Elder Scrolls board game were high. We wanted to know whether one expected success. Chris Birch: “Well it's Skyrim, so yeah!”.

Undoubtedly, you can go wrong with a licensed board game. A well-known template is a great marketing factor, but not automatically a guarantee of quality. Even with the Skyrim board game, the creators could have been wrong with their concept. There were pitfalls. What was the big challenge in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Chris Birch: “We had to make sure it didn't end up as' Skyrim - the points management game”. * laughs *. It was too tempting to redesign everything and make it super complex, but “I think we have the right mix”. The board game is "complex in storytelling and hopefully not in the rules".

Skyrim board game: Would be possible without crowdfunding

Die-hard fans of well-known brands are often particularly critical. But they of all people had to like the board game. Was there any fear that the idea of ​​a TES board game would fail? Chris Birch denies that crowdfunding was basically not even necessary: ​​“We already knew that distributors would take a very large order, so it would still be successful”. Birch continues: "The crowdfunding wasn't necessary to make the game, it was an opportunity for hardcore Skyrim fans to get some bonuses, help us add more bonus content and get it sooner."

Because that is the case, the Skyrim board game will also find its way into regular retail, but then without the exclusive content. According to Birch, it should be ready in October or November 2022.

Skyrim board game Gamefound

Players have to equip their characters with weapons and items, among other things. Image: Modiphius

With a large group of up to eight players, you can tackle the adventure thanks to expansion content. With such an oversized round, the downtime is an essential factor for the fun of the game. A problem with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Adventure Game? According to Chris Birch, “Of course it will be longer, but we encourage players to use, upgrade and enchant their city and wilderness maps, buy and sell in their own waiting time” while watching the dungeon exploration . The dungeons may only be open to four people, which could be the limit, according to Birch.

To make the Elder Scrolls board game look like the video game on the table, Bethesda / ZeniMax held their hands over the license: "They had to approve everything, including the prequel concept," explains Birch. The design and presentation were also subject to controls - and even the gameplay: "We carried out game tests with them to ensure that they also liked the gameplay," reveals the Modiphius CEO.

As the crowdfunding campaign progresses, the board game will have to be expanded. What else can fans expect from stretch goals? “I suspect a big kite,” reveals Chris Birch. "And we're unlocking more of the 'legendary expansion' that is exclusive to Gamefound backers". In addition, there will be more content for the From the Ashes box, with which the entire specially unlocked gameplay can be reeled off.

The Elder Scrolls board game crowdfunding

Events create unexpected challenges in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Adventure Game. Image: Modiphius

Chris Birch is optimistic about the progress of the campaign. He makes it clear: “We want to improve our communication even more”. There will be around 27 hours of game time with just one pass through the two basic game campaigns and the Dawnguard campaign - but this is only one of hundreds and hundreds of quests and stories. Chris Birch anticipates hundreds of hours of entertainment with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Adventure Game, each with different character choices. And: "Since the game is like a resettable legacy game, people can play it again and again and enjoy it with new stories every time," says Birch happily.

With the successful completion of the Gamefound financing, production is scheduled to begin in December. However, the corona virus is currently striking with force. So will you stick with the targeted start of production? Chris Birch explains: "We made sure not to unlock any huge boxes with additional plastic parts that could lead to production delays." All stretch goals are objects that “we can add relatively easily”. Modiphius has taken into account a certain delay in shipping or production up to the currently expected fulfillment date in August. But: “If Covid interferes, there is nothing we can do about it,” says Birch, “but we have already delayed the start so that we can be as ready as possible before the project crowdfunding so that there are no other delays.”

The crowdfunding campaign too The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Adventure Game is currently running through Gamefound. Support is still possible.


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