Modiphius will finance a board game for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim through Gamefound, according to an entry on the platform. This is another title for the British publisher in cooperation with Bethesda: The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms was previously a skirmish tabletop.

A board game based on what is perhaps the most popular series offshoot of the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim, is coming. This is information that can be obtained directly from an entry on the crowdfunding platform Gamefound. So far there is not much more in terms of details. It should be a board game for up to four players that can optionally be played alone.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Board Game Goes Epic

According to the sparse entry on Gamefound, it should be an adventure board game. And it's going to be “epic”. More is not known about the board game, which revolves around the fifth part of the Elder Scrolls series and will thus turn the province of Skyrim.

An advantage for the implementation: The British publisher Modiphius knows its way around the Dragonborn, after all, they were already part of the tabletop RPG The Elder Scrolls: Call to Armswhose focus was more on miniature skirmishes. The board game for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim will probably be much more of a board game, as the title suggests.

It is not known whether the new board game is linked to the tabletop RPG in a way that allows miniatures to be used.

The project is to be financed via crowdfunding, but Modiphius did not choose the Kickstarter platform for this. Instead, they rely on Gamefound, a comparatively young website for “swarm financing” that is superior to Kickstarter, especially when it comes to design. Gamefound is straight from an idea by Awaken Realms (Knockdown, nemesis, ISS Vanguard): There are now more and more campaigns for ambitious game projects. At least Gamefound doesn't have to hide behind Kickstarter. The ISS Vanguard campaign generated almost five million US dollars.

The Campaign for the board game can already be followed.


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