Steamforged Games is entering the hot phase with its crowdfunding for Resident Evil, the board game for the first part of the horror series. The campaign on Kickstarter will end on November 11th - and with a high probability it will be extremely successful. The financing campaign has long since passed the million mark, and it has even exceeded it. The Resident Evil board game is slated for release in March 2023

The board game for the first part of the Resident Evil series was not the first of this brand for Steamforged Games. Before that, the publisher on Kickstarter had also successfully crowdfunded the successor parts 2 and 3. The implementation of the first part is now much more successful.

Co-op survival on the board game table

Steamforged Games has already generated around 1,2 million euros with the board game for the first Resident Evil. For part 3 it was around one million euros, with the second part the publisher narrowly failed at this limit. Almost 6.500 supporters have already given the campaign a financial contribution - the pledges are not particularly cheap: you have to put at least 85 euros on the table - at no additional cost. The all-round carefree package costs an impressive 250 euros. In view of the high-priced Kickstarter projects in the board game segment, this is no longer surprising, but it is still a sum that you think twice about investing.

The success of the campaign is all the greater. With the board game for the Resident Evil classic, Steamforged Games seems to have owed part of the series to the fans. The game principle is unchanged: It's about cooperative horror survival. Players slip into the roles of Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield, among others, and experience the background story as part of a game campaign. The one-shot campaigns, which are each made up of several parts of the map, but function separately from one another as individual game experiences, are also intended to provide entertainment. Finding keys, solving puzzles, exploring rooms - the ideas from the video game template can also be found in the board game.

The crowdfunding for Resident Evil on Kickstarter will run until November 11th

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