The board game for Resident Evil 3 will find its way as a crowdfunding campaign later this month, Steamforged Games has announced. The English publisher is working again with the Japanese video game company Capcom. Steamforged Games has dated the start of the financing phase on April 28th. When the board game for Resident Evil 3 will be released after successful funding, this information is not yet available.

Steamforged Games announced that a Resident Evil 3 Kickstarter Campaign will be launched on April 28th. After the successful board game for Resident Evil 2, the English publisher is following up on it and, if the funding campaign is successful, will bring out a cooperative horror board game based on the classic video game from the XNUMXs.

Resident Evil 3: Co-op horror for up to four players

The Resident Evil 3 board game appeals to solo players as well as groups of up to four players. Steamforged describes the title as a "horror survival board game" in which you can either follow individual scenarios or a coherent campaign. Last should offer a playing time of over 19 hours.

In the miniature game for Resident Evil 3, board gamers slip into the roles of every iconic character known from the video game template, including again Jill Valentine, but also Carlos Oliveira. Your goal: to escape the virus-infested city of Raccoon City as a member of the STARS troop. As the game progresses, the level of danger increases and with it the number of opposing monsters. This of course also includes Obermotz Nemesis. Exciting: every decision made by the players should have an impact on the course of the game.

Some mechanics from the predecessor make their way into the board game for Resident Evil 3, for example the event card concept, which should regularly present players with surprises and challenges in order to keep the tension curve of the miniature game as close as possible.

Once again responsible for the implementation is Sherwin Matthews, himself a fan of the horror game series and author behind the board game for Resident Evil 2.

There has already been a first milestone: if the campaign reaches 2.500 followers, the board game for Resident Evil 3 contains an exclusive Jill Valentin in a biker outfit. The campaign starts on April 28th. Fans can register for the start on the campaign page.

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