The board game for the video game Anno 1800 was published by Kosmos. As announced by the publisher, the original set of rules contains an error in the removal action. The publisher apologizes. 

“The instructions say that preprinted start-up industries will be overbuilt by their alternatives have to, because each industry can only be owned once, ”explains Silke Ruoff, head of the PR department, at the point where the devil of mistakes crept in. In fact, however identical Industries meant.

"Since the start-up industries' alternatives are not identical to these (their start-up industries require artisans while their alternatives require workers), both may be built. So there are no building tiles that have to be built over by others. "

The instructions for Anno 1800 are available online on the publisher's website:

Anno 1800: board game with video game license

The board game Anno 1800 was penned by Martin Wallace and is based on the video game of the same name from Ubisoft. The series is one of the most important gaming brands in German-speaking countries.

The first offshoot of the series, Anno 1602, was developed by the Austrian studio Max Design and was published by Sunflowers. Several series parts followed, the most recent being Anno 1800. For the Kosmos publishing house, Anno 1800 is not the first adaptation of the popular gaming series, the years of which are always the sum of nine.

Already in 1503 and 1701 appeared as board games. Martic Wallace has been won over as an author for the current work, who designed Brass: Lancashire and the family game Via Nebula, among other things.



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