Terrors of London is a Kickstarter funded board game from Kolossal Games that is currently being delivered to supporters. In the latest update message, errors in the quality are admitted, but improvements are offered.

In the production of Terror of London not everything went smoothly. Errors were made with some cards and playmats. Colossal apologizes to the supporters and offers to make improvements.

Quality of the cards not as promised

When the cards were accepted by the producer, the quality was still as requested and ordered. The publisher wanted the cards to be a certain thickness so that they hold better. The longevity of cards is a quality feature that players like to keep an eye on and include in their purchase decision; or they protect the cards afterwards with card sleeves. However, it appears that the material was changed during production. A reprint of all cards is disproportionate and not feasible.

Kolossal now offers all supporters to send card sleeves to protect the cards, free of charge, of course. If you would like to have this, please contact the Customer Care Team via the link http://support.kolossalgames.com/open.php contact.

Bad printing on some playmats

Furthermore, Kolossal admits that some playmats have been printed incorrectly. A new production has already been initiated. It should take about one to two months before these can be delivered. Anyone affected by the errors should also contact the Customer Care Team http://support.kolossalgames.com/open.php contact.

More information in Update area of the Kickstarter project.

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