There are reviews where the associated sub-category is clear. And there are game ratings, so it is not immediately clear which topic category you should assign a title to. Critics would then even draw a sharp dividing line between a review and a test report. If you go to the game Know-it-all - the board game only after the title, there is no choice: the article has to be classified in the category “board games”. If, on the other hand, you refer to the focus of the game, the division becomes much more tricky. Know-it-all - the board game relies on a hybrid concept that aims to link a game board with an interactive game element that users can experience via an app. Even if the boundaries are fluid, one thing is clear: Know-it-all is a quiz game aimed at quiz enthusiasts and families. In our review too Know-it-all - the board game you will find out how well the combination of board game and app works.

Board game with app or app game with board?

If you take the information from the official website about the game to hand, you are the quiz game Know-it-all - the board game started extremely successfully. The first edition was already sold out after two weeks, which either speaks for a low number at the start of sales or for a very good game quality. Know-it-all - the board game is initially presented in an unusual packaging. Instead of a classic cardboard box, a colorful “laptop bag” contains the necessary game material - which is necessary in the case of the interactive quiz game Know-it-all is a matter of definition. When choosing the packaging, quiz fans are spoiled for choice, because the motif of the bag can be chosen from several designs: with a frog, flower pattern or as a silent protest in the USA design, the author Jörg Ronniger presents his game idea. Regardless of which pattern you ultimately choose, the content is always the same: in addition to the game board, four game pieces, four dice and 36 cup pieces, short instructions are included. What players also need to get is the right app for the quiz game, which can be downloaded easily and free of charge from iTunes or the Google Play Store. In the middle of the game board there is enough space for the smartphone or even tablet. 2 to 4 players spend with Know-it-all - the board game around 60 minutes. 

Board game review: Alleswisser - The board game

The ideal playing age is difficult to determine in a quiz game because the chances of success not only depend on the knowledge of the players, but the life experience factor can also be an invaluable advantage. because Know-it-all - the board game* but works with choices when answering the questions, players of all ages have a 25 percent chance of typing correctly, even if they are completely ignorant. Calling the know-it-all as an interactive family game is particularly appropriate because the app enables the creation of personal profiles. The age range extends from 7 to 99 years and the level of difficulty of the questions is based on the information provided. This is excellent and, in contrast to a pure quiz board game, provides a fair starting point. Even if you Know-it-all - the board game can try out without a game board, the fun is only complete with the game board, which, by the way, can be activated by entering a code on the app.

The game board is just as colorful as the rest of the game material, but otherwise it can be described as functional - the actual start of the quiz game is the app.

Interactive elements with added value

With every start of the app to the quiz game Know-it-all - the board game the database of the question pool is checked for up-to-dateness. If there are new questions, they can be downloaded with a simple tap of the finger. In contrast to traditional quiz games, Jörg Ronniger ensures long-term motivation and, above all, playful variety with a constant flow of new questions. The majority of the questions are fair, there are almost always options for exclusion with average general knowledge. There are seldom real head nuts that force players to achieve top cognitive performance. The results can always be checked because a direct link to the Wikipedia knowledge database is supported. Finding out more about surprising answers happens more often than we initially expected. Know-it-all - the board game helps to close knowledge gaps and almost touches the area of ​​a shallow educational game. 

Board game review: Alleswisser - The board game

The gaming experience comprises a total of nine categories. In addition to the compulsory general knowledge category, nature & geography, film & music, history, art & culture, people & technology and sport are also available. So that covers Know-it-all - the board game pretty much every essential category of knowledge. “Games & Fun”, on the other hand, is particularly unusual and entertaining: this category reveals another strength of the app. Interactive mini-games with puzzle bonds. The voice output of the app also works great.

A nice option is to be able to send in your own questions or to have existing ones revised. If questions or answers are unclear, players can send hints to the developer via a form - a great consideration. Only the graphic display quality cannot keep up with the technical scope of functions. The app serves its purpose, but is not a feast for the eyes.

Know-it-all in the test: “Charmless” or shamelessly good?

The similarity to well-known quiz board games cannot be denied. This is not a shortcoming, because quiz board games rarely come up with innovations anyway. The playful heart of a quiz board game are exciting questions - and at this point it makes Know-it-all - the board game almost everything right. Even if individual questions seem like a direct excerpt from Wikipedia, the overall result is still consistent. Some funny answer options in the style of the Who Will Be a Millionaire opening questions loosen up the quiz evening. When it comes to visual presentation, most traditional quiz board games have the edge, but they cost money Know-it-all - the board game* but only around 20 euros, including app development. 

The rules are as easy to understand as they are catchy. The aim is to collect colored cups that correspond to the respective knowledge categories. If a question is answered correctly, the active player places the appropriate token in his corner. Players can use a total of three jokers per game, which exclude two possible answers.

The interactive quiz game offers more of the familiar content, but wraps the gaming experience in a modern guise that is convincing.

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Number of players: 2 to 4 players
Age: from 7 years
Playing time: 60 to 90 minutes
Difficulty: easy to medium
Long-term motivation: medium

Author: Jörg Ronniger
App: iOS from version 7 or Android from version 4.0.3 or higher 
Year of publication: 2016
Language: German
Cost: 20 Euro


Anyone who has ever played Trivial Pursuit will get started with the quiz game Know-it-all - the board game do not cause any problems. Even if the interactive board game by author Jörg Ronniger initially looks like a low-budget offshoot of popular guessing games, there are many good ideas behind the development that go beyond the average of a commercially available quiz game. Starting with the helpful Wikipedia integration to useful details such as the self-adjusted level of difficulty by creating a player profile is Know-it-all - the board game a comfortable quiz game aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at families.  

The app is the star of the combined game concept and works technically flawlessly. After the very easy installation and a short time to get used to it, the app guides the players through the game in a way that is easy to understand. However, fans of board games with a high-gloss finish have to give some deductions in the B rating because Know-it-all - the board game designed to be functional rather than appealing. The focus is clearly on having fun and the uncomplicated quiz game makes no secret of it.

Because quiz games also work with question cards, the question remains whether the concept of Know-it-all - the board game is even needed in the game market. In fact, the app ironed out some of the weaknesses of purely analog quiz games. Due to the regular updates that expand the question pool, the app support is a clear added value for players who regularly quiz. The manageable costs make the decision for a test round easy.

Overall presents itself Know-it-all - the board game as a solid but unsurprising guessing game with many useful convenience functions. Real quiz friends award one more rating point.