Humblebundle is sometimes good for a little surprise when it comes to game selection. For fans of digital board games or video games with card game mechanics, this time there is a bargain opportunity: The “Deckbuilder Bundle” includes the hit board game Flügelschlag.

The bundle deal, which can also be described as a board game offer, is still running for about a week - after all, the included video games as deck builders focus on well-known mechanics from the analogue world of games. And: For board game fans there is even a "real title" - Wingbeat. 

Seven deck builders, one price

The Humble Bundle deal includes a total of seven games – at least if you invest at least 14,99 euros. In return, fans will receive all available deck builders. Those who pay less can look forward to the trio of One Step from Eden, Vault of the Void and Cultist Simulator: Anthology Edition. If you're willing to pay more, there's Library of Ruina, Gwent - Ultimate Starter Pack, Black Book and Wingspan (English title of Flügelschlag). 

Incidentally, all the games on offer have one thing in common: the Steam reviews are clearly positive, mostly over 90 percent. Video gamers have already rated all titles as good. As part of the Humble Bundle Deals there are of course the PC versions of the titles. So if you're hoping for a wing beat for Nintendo Switch, you'll be disappointed. 

Nevertheless: For board game fans who occasionally venture into the world of video games, the offer is excellent in terms of price, especially since all titles are convincing in terms of gameplay. In addition to the digital version of Wingbeat, we especially recommend Vault of the Void by Spider Nest Games and Black Book by Morteshka and Hypertrain Digital. 

Even if the game titles on offer are building concepts, some – such as the recommended Black Book – impress with strong RPG elements. You can't do much wrong with the advertised price of at least 15 euros for all seven games anyway - and at the same time you're doing something for a good cause.


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