The publisher Pegasus Spiele has announced that “Century - Eine neue Welt” will be the third and final part of the successful series. The three parts can be played independently or in combination and tell a continuous story. The new release closes the trilogy, which is based on catchy and clever game mechanisms.

Thematically, the games in the Century series cover the period between 1400 and 1700, with each part accounting for a century. Accordingly, the new publication “Century - Eine neue Welt” is set in the 17th century. The players explore the eponymous “new world”.

It's about conserving resources on the edge of the wilderness: by collecting, harvesting, hunting or trading with the indigenous people. Here the game largely relies on a worker placement mechanism.

Worker placement in the "new world"

“Century - A New World” is about placing pieces in order to receive or exchange resources. But the third part of the trilogy also offers new ways of generating victory points. In addition, the part can be combined with one of the two previous parts or even with both - which increases the complexity. As with the previous parts, Century is convincing - a new world - the thematically extremely coherent illustrations. This part of the series is also aimed at 2-5 players, ages 8+.

Plan B Games brings abstract title "Tuki"

Another new announcement comes from Plan B Games. Next Move - the studio of Plan B Games, which received Azul as the Game of the Year 2018 award - is launching the board game “Tuki”, a title for fans of abstract games with a light theme. It's about fulfilling certain pattern specifications on playing cards with multi-colored stones - a distant relationship to Tetris can be seen. Whoever manages this first receives the corresponding card. “Tuki” relies on a low entry barrier and a haptically pleasant feel.

Plan B Games is the exclusive publishing partner of Pegasus Spiele. “Century - Eine neue Welt” and “Tuki” will be available in German, Austria and Switzerland from Pegasus Spiele from the end of August.

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