The Cologne publisher Strohmann Games announces another German localization of a successful English-language title. An exact date for the novelty is not yet known. Almost exactly two years ago, the English version went through a very successful crowdfunding campaign, which was able to achieve its goal on the first day.

Strohmann Games have made it their mission to localize foreign-language games that have already received positive feedback in the international board game scene into German-language versions. In most cases, these are versions licensed by foreign publishers, which are published as a kind of "straw man" for the German-speaking region. The latest announcement should make the hearts of sci-fi and space fans beat faster. It's after the 2021 game Beyond the Sun. the second space game at Strohmann Games. The original Kickstarter campaign too Planet Unknown collected more than 14 times the set target.

Develop the best planet

The earth is running out of resources and humanity needs to “move”. Initial exploration shows six possible planets that would be suitable for colonization. The task of the players is to prepare their planet in the best possible way and to make life here possible. The simultaneous drawing of the polyominoes allows a fast game and increases the interaction.

This action also begins a round after the first player rotates the rotating space station as far as desired. Everyone now has the tiles from the area corresponding to their playing position at their disposal. So there are always two different tiles to choose from. The chosen tile must then be placed according to largely “classic” placement rules (adjacent, no overlapping, etc.). Each placement of a tile causes the markers of the tile's two resources to move forward. Each of the five bars brings unique benefits. If the placed tile has a meteorite symbol, one of these "lands" there immediately. These prevent scoring of the row and column of the planet they are on.

The game ends when a person cannot place any of the tiles from the space station section in front of them. Alternatively, the game ends when a section of the station runs out of tiles. Completely filled rows and columns are worth points according to the medals shown next to them. In addition, there are points for the position on the different bars, for objects collected from the planet's surface, for "Civ cards" and for completing the task cards on display. As expected, the person with the most points wins.

The game is recommended for 1-6 people aged 10 and over. Due to the many actions carried out at the same time, the playing time is always around 70 minutes.

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