There have been many rumors in the past about the availability of the miniatures game Star Wars: Imperial Assault from Asmodee. So far, the second quarter of 2017 has been roughly specified as the release date for the replenishment of the strategic board game Star Wars: The Empire Attacks. Copies of the popular board game are now available again. If you want to buy Star Wars: Imperial Assault, you can find the game in major online shops and specialist retailers.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault available

The basic version of the campaign and skirmish game Star Wars: The Empire Is Attacking an is available in stores again with immediate effect. In terms of price, the game is already around 20 percent below the manufacturer's recommended retail price, so the board game is currently available for around 72 Euros is offered.

Fans take the side of the empire or slip into the roles of well-known Star Wars heroes such as Luke Skywalker or Han Solo to make life difficult for the Galactic Empire. Exciting campaigns with more than 30 missions make the basic game a real must-have for Star Wars fans. With the help of numerous character expansions and larger add-ons, players get access to new missions, characters and skills.

The tactical possibilities of the strategic board game from the Star Wars universe increase with the purchase of each expansion. The basic box already contains the individual figure expansions Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. If necessary, all figures can be painted by yourself, which is especially popular with miniature fans. Star Wars: Imperial Assault is now available again in German.

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