Spielworxx, the small German publisher of sophisticated board and card games, has announced some new products for spring. In addition to a reprint, there is also a lot that is new.

Spielworxx is aimed at frequent players with its titles. You want to break away from the board game "fast food" and offer the interested players "delicacies". If you are willing to invest time in the games, you will be rewarded with extraordinary (games) delicacies that not only “satiate” but also spoil the connoisseur. Pax Pamir, Oath and Squaring Circleville, among others, have appeared on Spielworxx.

Good prospects for a reprint by Pax Pamir

The game "Pax Pamir" currently listed in the top 50 on BoardGameGeek has a good chance of getting a new German edition. A final confirmation is expected from the publisher in April.

There will also be a German localization of John Company 2, which will start in mid-March. Pre-orders will also be possible from then on. Here, players take on the roles of different families who wish to use the British East India Company for their own benefit. Everyone is involved in the company and tries to achieve the greatest personal benefit for themselves through skillful negotiation. There is less to fortune than to a good reputation.

A new Rosenberg title in the starting blocks

In collaboration with A-Muse-Ment launches on March 4th gamefound Nick Cave's Pilgrim crowdfunding. This is a bilingual, limited edition. In the game, the players embody abbots and abbesses with their own abbey in the 14th century and try, among other things, to create the best pilgrimage routes by strategically placing shrines.

Also in collaboration, this time with New Mill Industries, Daniel Newman's "London Necropolis Railway" will be presented on March 15.03th. start crowdfunding on Kickstarter and the game forge. This will also appear as a bilingual and limited edition. Here the players take on the task of building a new cemetery outside of the city during the cholera epidemic in London in 1849 and planning the transport of the dead there by train.

Certainly one of the most awaited titles is the new game by Uwe Rosenberg. "Oranienburger Kanal" takes place in the 19th century in the place of the same name and the players have to build an infrastructure and new industries there, for example by building paths, roads, rails or canals. The most important thing is to build bridges that connect everything with each other.


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