Steamforged Games has announced a new licensed game: this time it's supposed to be a card game based on Gears of War. According to the publisher, publication is planned for the current year 2023. 

Xbox fans get very fidgety when they hear the name "Gears of War": Top-class video games have been appearing regularly for the franchise since 2006 - most recently, the developers at The Coalition, a Microsoft game studio, were able to convince gamers with the fifth part of the series. Already on the first release weekend, several million fans worldwide played the action shooter. Now the "Coalition of Ordered Governments Army" (COG) will have to face the Locust horde again - but not on the screen. 

 Gears of War: The Card Game announced

The publisher Steamforged Games is a specialist when it comes to licensing: Previously, board games for games brands such as Resident Evil, Dark Souls or Horizon Zero Dawn were published and recently a crowdfunding campaign for the board game for Elden Ring was extremely successful . The almost 3,7 supporters generated around 14.000 million euros for the board game for From Software's megahit, which is scheduled to be shipped in May 2024.

With Gears of War, Steamforged Games has now made an adaptation of another prestigious brand. The makers had not yet revealed many details, but at least there is already information about the publication period: Gears of War: The Card Game – as the title is simply called – is scheduled to be released in the current year 2023. 

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Otherwise, the card game for Gears of War is still a surprise box: the title apparently sticks closely to the original games in the series, because the iconic character Marcus Fenix ​​will play one of the central roles. The cards presented by SFG so far feature Marcus Fenix ​​​​and Uzil Raam. You'll also see Attack, Defense, and Cost stats for each, but you might also see Movement or something else in the top-left corner.

There will presumably be three decks in the Gears of War card game. This is indicated by another image on the title. Apparently it is about the factions COG and Locust, which duel, there is also an obstacle deck. The cover system known from the video game series is therefore likely to play a major role. the cards are each divided into two. 

Otherwise, fans will have to be patient at first. Steamforged Games will provide more details as release nears, which will likely include additional characters from the Gears of War card game.

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