The board game "Men at Work" from Pegasus Spiele / Pretzel Games 
is now available in stores at a price of around 45 euros. As builders, the players have to skillfully deploy their construction workers in the game of skill Men at Work and gradually build a new building without accidents, if possible.

New at SPIEL'18 in Essen

After the release at the SPIEL in Essen in October 2018, "Men at Work" by Pretzel Games - distributed by Pegasus Spiele - is now available in stores at a price of around 45 euros.

The board game "Men at Work" is Rita Modl's debut work and relies on strong haptic components that focus on the skill of the players. High-quality game material made of wood is used, which supports the theme of the title. The mechanically easily accessible, but gripping game principle makes Men at Work a board game for players aged eight and over.

The construction site is very busy - construction workers are busy building a new building. The steel girders soon rise to dizzying heights and the work becomes a tightrope act. Impossible to imagine what would happen if the structure collapsed or one of the workers fell. As builders, players must therefore ensure that nothing happens to their construction workers, who are only protected by helmets. In addition, new steel girders and workers have to be cleverly built into the construction. But be careful, of course, the specifications of the construction plans must also be observed. Only those who manage the balancing act between a safe and a breathtaking construction in the end will be able to win the laurels.

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