The board game 7 Wonders is due to appear in a revised edition this year. On the occasion of the milestone anniversary, the game is being given a visual freshening up: a new logo, new cover art, bigger miracles, sometimes more clearly laid out cards, ensure the new look. 

The civilization game 30 Wonders was able to get hold of more than 7 awards worldwide, including the award as Kennerspiel des Jahres 2011 in Germany. The title with card drafting mechanics is one of the most successful in the industry: According to Repos, 7 Wonders was passed more than a million times the counter, with the release of the new edition this year, sales are likely to continue to rise. For 7 Wonders, “7 Wonders Duel” was also released as a duel for two players.

New edition of 7 Wonders: Core elements remain unchanged

The playful basic structure of Antoine Bauza remains untouched. The aim of the game: to build a more successful civilization than your opponents. 3 to 7 players line up, choose cards and pass the rest on. The retained cards create resource chains with which players can earn points and buy cards, including the eponymous miracles. This is exactly where the makers come in and ensure a better overview: The Wunder cards are getting larger and turning into reversible cards, each with a day and night view. The construction symbols have also been visually revised and are easier to recognize in the new edition.

The revised material is in a revised and larger box. Image rights: Asmodee

The revised material is in a revised and larger box. Image rights: Asmodee

The new views do not seem to lead to changes in the course of the game itself, they are just visual improvements. Another goal of the revision should be to make 7 Wonders palatable to beginners as well. While the rules remain unchanged, the set of rules is being revised in order to improve the basics of the game, especially for beginners.

For the new edition of the basic version of 7 Wonders, adapted expansions are coming onto the market. Three of a total of seven add-ons are to be revised: Leader, Armada and Cities. It is not yet known whether new editions are also planned for the other expansions.


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