Rough Justice '84: In this dice and card strategy game inspired by '80s board games, players must do whatever it takes to make their fledgling security agency a success.

Detective Jim Baylor, the former "White Knight" of Seneca City, has been released after his wrongful imprisonment and has agreed to serve as an adviser in running his old friend's ailing security agency. What seemed like a favor to his former partner has uncovered a deeper conspiracy. A secret organization with big ambitions is spreading its influence across Seneca City and has Jim in its crosshairs.

Alpha Demo on Steam

With its unique blend of era-specific mini-games and use of dice and cards, Rough Justice: '84 is an '80s-inspired blend of strategy and management. Players manage their agents and advise them on best course of action as they complete a variety of cases such as bailouts, repossessions and more. This is how you bring down the cancer gnawing at the city, uncover the sinister plot, and bring some justice to Seneca City.

"Check out the alpha demo now available on Steam," the developers invite. "Play, have fun, and most importantly, give the developers your honest feedback and help shape the game ahead of its planned release in early 2023." Rough Justice: '84 most recently won the Nordic Game Discovery Contest Qualifier in April, was selected as an Epic MegaGrant recipient in May, and was eventually selected to participate in Steam Next Fest with a demo starting today, June 13th.

“The development of Rough Justice: '84 has been a wild rollercoaster ride and we're still not done! We've managed to nail the core of the game and we're excited for further development. It's important to us to listen to our fans' feature requests and feedback. Game developers often suffer from tunnel vision, and we're no exception. Ultimately, our goal is to create an enjoyable experience, and direct community feedback is essential to this process,” said Jeremiah Costello, CEO and Founder of Gamma Minus.


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