Steamforged Games, including the creators behind the Dark Souls board game, have announced another project based on a video game template: Monster Hunter World. The publisher touched on the board game with a short teaser on Twitter. Of course, fans immediately guessed what it was about.

After the Dark Souls board game, Steamforged Games is implementing the next well-known games license as an analogue version. The publisher teased the new project via Twitter under the hashtag #AMonsterKickstarter – and also presented a short video sport in which part of the “Monster Hunter World” logo can be clearly seen. The video is also subtitled with the sentence "A New World awaits...".

Are there any doubts that this is a board game for Capcom's newest Monster Hunter offshoot? No! Not least because an official introduction is now circulating online.

Monster Hunter World comes as a board game

Using video game licenses for board game adaptations is an ongoing trend that Steamforged Games is also following. After Dark Souls, Horizon Zero Dawn and Resident Evil 2 comes now Monster Hunter World. Given the success of the template, the choice is not surprising: the game has received several awards and has been nominated for further awards. As has emerged from Capcom's annual report, the offshoots of the Monster Hunter series had sold more than 61 million times worldwide, Monster Hunter World alone contributed just over 15 million sales.

Here is the short teaser:

The Monster Hunter World board game will probably not be that successful, but fans will still be pleased that the license is now being used to hunt monsters off the screen. Whether and how Steamforged Games will use the gigantic open game world for a board game adaptation and which mechanisms will be behind the game is rather vague known from an interview with Polygon.

It will be a cooperative board game designed to closely follow the template. The concept has been a challenge for Steamforged Games, but they have managed to implement the ideas of the video game in the board game. However, one is aware that one will not find the "feeling of an open game world" in the board game. A timer should come into play in the form of expeditions: There is then a fixed number of actions - measured in days. Every game action, such as exploration, takes time, so resources must be used wisely.

The replay value should be given, that is also possible with the interview with Polygon* emerged. So you can restart campaigns or take the equipment you have developed with you to tackle more demanding challenges. The expeditions should be spread over several game sessions, each session is again divided into phases, such as preparation, hunting and the battles against the monsters themselves Be game.

Otherwise, many game elements can be found in the miniature board game for Monster Hunter World: aggro, weapons, characters, biomes.

A price of around 100 US dollars is currently planned. The base game will then likely contain four types of monsters, a biome, and weapons and equipment. Additional biomes and challenges are to come into play through extensions. What Steamforged Games has also already announced: The board game for Monster Hunter World is financed via Kickstarter, i.e. via crowdfunding. The corresponding campaign is scheduled to start in summer 2021. According to Polygon, the miniatures game will cost around $ 100.

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