Ordinarily everyone would like to enjoy music at festivals right now. But most of the open airs have been canceled. Not so with the play instinct. The game publisher has started a kick starter campaign to create the board game for the unusual festival summer:
"Festival Guru".

The pandemic is raging, music festivals are falling out in a row. Why not organize your own open air and share typical experiences with friends? This is exactly what the “Festival Guru” board game by Spieltrieb is all about. The publisher has just started a kick starter campaign for the title so that it can go on sale as planned in December 2021. Interested parties can support the publisher until July 9, 2021. The specialty of “Festival Guru”: The players experience the typical situations of an open air and have to visit stages to listen to certain bands. These are real music groups from all over the world, whose music is integrated into the game via QR code. If you like, you can even get real festival sound at the gaming table during the game.

Is the author of “Festival Guru”

The author of the board game is Marcus Fanenbruck, a music fan and avid festival goer. He has lived in Kenya for several years and has put his idea into practice there: Together with Spieltrieb, he developed a board game that captures the atmosphere and the strange experiences at an open air, is dressed in a funny mechanism and has a clear reference to has real bands.

The author offers around 3 minutes of festival fun to 6 to 16 players aged 90 and over. The complexity is balanced in such a way that more experienced game fans will find an interesting challenge with a fresh topic. At the same time, however, beginners also quickly get to grips with the processes who have previously spent their time with music or open air events and who now want to experience this at the gaming table.

24 bands from all over the world form the line-up for the event. It is they whose performances the players in the game must attend by choosing the right stages. Your music can be integrated into the process as sound using suitable devices - this increases the atmosphere to a true experience. This combination of real bands and their music as well as a board game is unique in its form. This is possible through a cooperation with the online music platform “NilexStream”, which promotes independent bands.

“Festival Guru” is about the fact that the visitors of an open air should have a lot of fun. They would like to see their favorite bands, but they will perform on four different stages during the day. The more visitors gather in front of the stage, the greater the fun in front of the stage. Of course everyone wants to drag their friends to “their” stage. Because together the fun increases - and the chances of victory. But: The other players want to enjoy completely different acts and, for their part, prefer to be in the largest possible crowd. In addition, hunger, thirst and the need to change location mean that in between times. Those who take care of themselves properly gather new strength. However, bad events such as storms, nausea or a mud field can hinder progress badly. But if everything works out, many friends come along to the next band's performance.

This is how a game of “Festival Guru” works

The play area consists of a campsite and four stages, between which there are nine areas with stands for food and drinks as well as toilets. Festival visitors commute back and forth between these stands. Each player receives a goal card.
Then he recognizes which band he would like to be in front of the stage with and which bands might also be fun. In the following sequence, the players are about to plan their visits to the stands skillfully and to be in front of the right stage with as many other friends and music fans as possible. Because that brings fun points.

There are six rounds with three moves each. At the end of each round, one band plays on each stage. After the end of the last round, the winner will be determined. The points on the fun barometer as well as those of the events that everyone has put in their memory pile that emerged during the game count.

In your turn, your piece moves one stand. There is a stand marker for this. Stand markers can later be exchanged for additional movements or fun points according to certain specifications. After the movement there are usually event cards with plus and minus values.
The chance of a positive effect such as fun points or a good event card is greater, the more other characters are at the stand. With a little luck, the active player can even put a card in his memory pile. The event cards have positive or negative effects that suit the festival mood. Sometimes the food is bad, the law enforcement officers check or the floor is too muddy, sometimes there is a VIP pass or free beer or someone hammers out the popular open-air gag "Helgaaaa", which is repeated from all directions.

The round is over after three movements. Now it is important that your own figure stands in front of the right stage at the corner stand, if possible.
Because all the characters - your own and all friends - at the corner stands now stream in front of the stage set up there. But: Friends in the middle moves the currently last placed player to an accessible stage of his choice. Those who stand in the middle or between two stages will even be late and have less fun.

This is followed by the evaluation. There are more points, the more important the current band on stage is for the player according to the target card.
Additional points are awarded for each additional figure that is also in front of the stage. Then the next round begins.

The Kickstarter campaign for the board game “Festival Guru” runs until July 10th. The first backers are already active and have invested around 4.500 euros.


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