Thanks to the collaboration between Pegasus Spiele and Serious Poulp, fans of The 7th Continent can now look forward to five new expansions for the adventure and survival game. These are now available in the Serious Poulp web shop.
The German version of the base game of The 2020th Continent, including three curses, game accessories and the expansions The Song of the Crystal, The Icy Labyrinth and The Forbidden Sanctuary have been available since the end of 7. These each bring another curse into play.

Five new expansions to The 7th Continent

Five new expansions have recently been released that improve the gaming experience both visually and in terms of gameplay, and bring new challenges for the players to face.

The two mini expansions each contain 30 cards, which bring more variety to the adventures on the seventh continent. In Path of Repentance, the players must escape the toughest adversary of all adventurers, the time while in Comfortable Beasts they raise animals that, after training, they can take as companions on their adventures. The other three expansions each contain 30-40 cards and some figures.

In "Fear the Devourers" players are pursued by insatiable beasts to the ends of the continent. In Flying Roots, plants emerge from the earth to explore the world around them, and after beasts and plants, players must finally face the forces of nature and hope that they are on their side.

The 7th Continent is an adventure and survival game in which you slip into the roles of explorers of the early 14th century for one to four people aged 20 and over. From an expedition to the newly discovered Seventh Continent they took not only relics and stories with them, but also a curse. Now they must return to the continent and find out what caused the curse and how to break it. Depending on the decisions they make along the way, an individual story develops.

Players must weigh each of their choices carefully in order to survive and successfully complete the adventure. The extraordinary map system contains dozens of random events, so that every game is a unique experience and every action can have lasting consequences.


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