Embarcadero is the name of the new board game from Renegade Game Studios, which is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Extremely successful, as was shown in the first half hour after the start of the financing campaign: it took 19 minutes and the targeted goal was already achieved. Wild as in a "Gold Rush", fans pump their money into the project. Embarcadero is heading for six times the target amount.

The United States at the time of the great gold rush, that is the - admittedly not entirely new - setting of Embarcadero, which translates as loading space. And that's exactly what it's about: ships, buildings, and points.

Embarcadero: land and build buildings

Abandoned ships lie off the coast of the boomtown San Francisco, their captains and crew have fallen victim to the gold rush. For business-minded people, this offers ideal conditions to grab the ships and build their empire on them. And so it is important to dock ships, to build buildings and to see them in the map display during a shopping phase on a shopping tour.

Embarcadero runs over three rounds, in which players each perform five actions. The real highlight of the new board game from Renegade Game Studios is the building construction. Instead of being flat on the game board, buildings that are placed grow taller. Overall, the process is simple, it is important to use your resources cleverly in order to get as many points as possible in each evaluation round.

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The board game is to be produced via a crowdfunding campaign. So far, Renegade Game Studios - the makers of parlor games like Terror Below or Warp's Edge - have achieved this extremely successfully. Embarcadero has achieved almost six times the targeted basic funding. The board game broke through the set financing goal after just 19 minutes, now the publisher's task is to increase the number of supporters. Time for this remains until October 3rd, only then does it end Kickstarter campaign.

The standard pledge costs around 52 euros, which also includes the “Unsinkable” expansion, which brings additional plastic buildings, placement pieces and cards into play and makes Embarcadero playable with five players. Otherwise, the basic game without the expansion is aimed at one to four players aged around twelve and over. The Renegade Game Studios give the playing time as a moderate 60 to 90 minutes. The board game will also be sent to Germany, and Embarcadero will be released in March 2021 after a successful Kickstarter.


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