The cruise ship game Dream Cruise by Moritz Schuster and Malte Kischkel has cast off and is running in the game forge of the game offensive. The first supporters have already put on their captain's uniforms and invested in the game. Interested parties now have around a month to support the project.

The authors worked on the board game for around three years, now the idea has to assert itself against the fans. 5.000 euros are to be paid for Dream Cruise via the Spieleschmiede of the game offensive be taken so that the project can be realized in the end. The cruise ship board game has already got off to a good start: the number of “backers” is steadily increasing.

Dream job cruise ship captain

The idea behind Dream Cruise is simple: each of the up to four players takes command of a cruise ship and heads for the most beautiful coastlines in Europe. Because a single trip on the luxury liner is not enough for passengers and discerning holidaymakers, an appropriate supporting program must be provided. It is well known in the travel industry that only satisfied cruise guests are good cruise guests. It is up to the players to provide entertainment, plan excursions - and score points for doing so.

This is what the family board game Dream Cruise is all about. In order for travelers to be able to get on board at all, captains must first determine their ship route. If there is space on the ship on the day of mooring, new vacationers come on board. Dream Cruise is thematic: each captain receives his “own ship” as a player board. Sabrina Miramon, the illustrator who has already shown her creative skills in board games like Photosythese, Coral Island or Little Town, takes care of the visual design.

The theme of the game: cruises including their annoying ship travelers. Image rights: Kobold Spieleverlag

The theme of the game: cruises including their annoying ship travelers. Image rights: Kobold Spieleverlag


The equipment for the targeted price is fair: In addition to the player boards, there are around 180 cards, 72 meeples and four captain meeples. Little gimmick: The starting player token is a captain's hat token. According to the publisher, the game is aimed at players aged ten and over, a game round is specified as 45 minutes and thus targets the target group of family players.

The board game Dream Cruise is the first in-house development by Kobold Verlag. After successful crowdfunding, the board game is expected to be delivered in December 2020. “Backers” from Germany do not pay any shipping costs. Different versions are not offered: The pledge is 29 euros, another variant for 41 euros contains matching card sleeves as an insert. - Germany's largest range of board games