On Thursday morning, the Vienna Games Academy announced the winners of the Austrian Games Prize: Dreadful Circus from Portal Games, available exclusively from Pegasus Games, won the Games Hit with Friends award.

Since 2014, Pegasus Spiele has received at least one award in various categories of the Austrian Games Prize every year. This is how the game of the year 2021, MicroMacro: Crime City, from Pegasus Spiele publishing partner Edition Spielwiese, also impressed the jury of the Vienna Games Academy and was voted a game hit with friends. In 2020 the family game Tiny Towns was awarded the title of hit game for families.

Dreadful Circus now award winning board game

This year, Portal Games and exclusive distributor Pegasus Spiele awarded Dreadful Circus the Best Games With Friends award. This prize honors games that are aimed not only at adults but also at young people who are enthusiastic about games.

The jury of the Vienna Games Academy sums up the board game Dreadful Circus: “Dreadful Circus impresses with an excellent auction system that, in addition to a certain amount of bluffing, also requires and promotes great negotiating talent. The theme and design also harmonize perfectly and, like an original smorgasbord of interaction options, contribute to the fun of the game.”

Dreadful Circus takes a playgroup of four to eight players on a very special kind of circus experience. Breathtaking unbelievable things, crazy clowns and delicious sweets promise a very special circus evening. How special this becomes is up to the players themselves, because it is up to them to design their circus performance in such a way that the audience is scared and amazed.

In each round, they secretly offer money and contracts for one or two cards. The person who offered a card is then allowed to look at the bids one by one. She has to decide each time whether she accepts a bid and thus ends the auction or rejects it definitively. Whoever shows a cool head and good negotiating skills and can thus win attractions and exceptional talents such as the fearless Ngozi or the unerring Odal will emerge as the winner.

Dreadful Circus is an eerily beautiful connoisseur game for ages 14 and up by Bruno Faidutti, in which the players delve deep into the craziest and darkest corners of their imaginations every round and put together an unforgettable performance. Let the show begin!


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