The dice cup in Erlangen is hosting the first Aqualin World Championship. With the multi-day event, owner Daniel Rothenbücher is countering the corona lockdown on behalf of the local game trade with a concept that not only generates attention, but also invites you to participate. 24 participants will play the competition from February 10th to 14th - of course online due to the pandemic situation. 

The coronavirus is raging, less than a few weeks ago, but still noticeable. The lockdown continues, nothing works anymore. Local game retailers who have to keep their shops closed are particularly hard hit. Contact with customers takes place at best by telephone or via the Internet - at least. Some game publishers have set up support programs, otherwise the local specialist shops are also dependent on government subsidies in emergencies. In the meantime, many are helping themselves and establishing delivery services or contactless pick-up options.

Dice cup seeks swarm tactical world champion

The dice cup in Erlangen is also in lockdown. However, because that doesn't necessarily mean a standstill, owner Daniel Rothenbücher brought the first Aqualin championship to life. The idea is as simple as it is ingenious, because the concept of the two-player board game by Kosmos seems to have been made for a competition.

Daniel Rothenbücher and his shop - a games store including an affiliated rental company and a small café area - is hit by the Corona crisis with force: Rothenbücher did not open his shop until May 2020, i.e. directly after the first Corona lockdown when the federal states had decided to a large extent took responsibility for easing. Untiringly and motivated, Rothenbücher fires the social media channel of the dice cup - and has now created a new concept with the Aqualin championship that brings the scene together.

For the first time a master is played in Aqualin. Image: dice cup

For the first time a master is played in Aqualin. Image: dice cup

Because public game evenings or even tournaments cannot be organized as on-site events, the competition is simply relocated to the Internet. The game that the championship revolves around is a maritime-themed placement game, borrowed from Mühle and Qwirkle. Various bloggers, podcasters and youtubers will ensure traction, but also operators of other board game cafés and game clubs are participating: 24 of them make up the field of participants, free play Freiburg and Weser. Boardgamers compete in a duet, Playce basically also, but two Competition days distributed.

The field of participants in the first Aqualin championship:

  • Monkey face
  • Paradise Board Bar
  • Ali baba eV
  • Playce # 1
  • Board game digger
  • Board game box
  • Clique evening
  • Board game panther
  • Cubes & sugar
  • Tillis - The game café Time 4 Board Games
  • Weser.Boardgamers
  • Board game live
  • North Speech
  • Playce # 2
  • Last Geek Tonight # 1
  • Board game guru
  • Last Geek Tonight # 2
  • Under Meeplen
  • Free play Freiburg
  • osnaboard
  • Michael wants to play
  • From February 10th to 12th, the game will initially be played in three qualifying tournaments, each starting at 18.30 p.m. Two participants in each evening make it to the next round. The final tournament will take place on February 14th. So not everyone can take part in the first Aqualin championship, the format starts as an event by invitation. But: You can watch the spectacle for free and live on the Twitch channel of the dice cup at: In the aftermath, the video recordings of the championship are then on Youtube published.

    The "Invite only" format is just for starters. "If the event is very popular, it can develop into a regular championship that is then open to everyone," invites initiator Daniel Rothenbücher. And the possible venue for such events in the post-corona era? That should of course be the dice cup in Erlangen. Until then, game formats will continue to be available online: On Twitch, the dice cup regularly organizes live streams with game presentations and let's plays.


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