There are still many battles to be fought: The tactical card game To War! is now part of the Board Games Circus portfolio and can be pre-ordered via the in-house shop. Board Game Circus has refined the card game together with the Russian publisher Simple Rules and localized it for the German market. Two players, ages 8+, play tactical skirmishes lasting around 15 minutes. The card game will be playable at SPIEL'18 in Essen.

Tactical duels with four armies

To War! back to four different armies: Nordic, Far Eastern, Western and Eastern warriors form battles and each send 17 powerful fighters. The aim is to break through the opposing lines or at the end of the game to have more units than the opponent. 

Let's fight! A tactical card game in which you have to wisely position your units and move them victoriously. Even a small mistake can cost you success. Which people will you lead into battle?
Hold the line! Break the Defense! Repel attacks and take over the battlefield. Thanks to four different armies with individual compositions and different combat values, To War! lots of replay stimulus.
You can always compete against each other with new combinations. To War! is the second release of Board Game Circus after the hero baptism. 
We discovered the game in Russia. Together with Simple Rules, the Russian publisher, we refined the rules, contributed to the layout and localized the title, which is challenging for all age groups, for the German-speaking market.
To War! is ideal for holding small tournaments. 

Board Game Circus press release

The tactical card game To War! can now be pre-ordered via the in-house shop of Board Game Circus and will be playable for visitors at the upcoming SPIEL'18. 

You will find booth 5-H118 in hall 5 of Messe Essen. Game dates can here to be agreed.

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